Dccomics Discord Servers

A welcoming and friendly DC role-play sever with a multitude of open roles and an awesome staff! Make your favorite characters come to life in a plot-based DC Comics role-play! No OCs
"In Brightest Day, in Blackest night, no Evil shall escape My Sight. Let those who worship Evil's Might, beware My power, Green Lantern's Light!" The oath of the Green Lantern Corps, the protector's of the Galaxy and custodians of the Green Light of Will. Every Green Lantern has the acapacity to overcome great fear. and they will need it, a war is coming, one the likes of which the galaxy has never seen. The other six lights of the Emotional Spectrum are emerging one by one. Some are enemies, some are allies and some tread the line between, whose side are you on? This is an OC friendly DC RP focused on the Green Lantern Corp Mythos! With a fast-paced combat system, simple character creation and endless fun to be had! Come and join.
Come check out a DC Comics roleplay server! We have many characters open. There's no set plot, so you're free to roleplay anything with anyone on any of the locations!
Jitters cafe is the perfect place for you to come talk with fellow DC Comics fans or geeks alike. Talk about anything and everything. Come on down and join us today!