Ddlb Discord Servers

Stuffie Emporium is a 16+ cg/l server that is steadily growing. It has many roles and more to be added. It also has free stuffies!! Anyone 16+ is welcome to join and we hope you enjoy your stay.
18+ only!! minors will be banned. Playtime Server is a cgl server made for anyone to relax and play if they want theres also roleplay sections! both sfw and nsfw categories.
So we are a chill group we have a few rules, But besides that we can use some people I am starting out so it is also in the work of processing so it'll take time!. This is a group where anyone is welcome there is from 13+ but no older than 30 But other than that its good :) We are setting up a small group and need people to help us set up.. as well as join to help us grow l Anyone is welcomed nobody should be left out!
Welcome to: Paddles, Plushies, Pets Here we offer: ~Self assignable roles, such as colors, ping options, and kink specific roles that unlock more of the server ~A channel directory so you know what the heck is going on!! ~Bots for your entertainment! ~And much, much more! We are 16+, but we may make exceptions. It all depends on the situation. We tried to keep things short and simple, so you didn't have to read a lot. So long story short; we are going to try and become a safe place for each and every one of you! Come to join us today, as we hope to become like a second family!
A CGL&DDLG Server For Making Friends, Playing Games, Or Finding That Special Someone, The Server Is 13+ To Join, And Everyone Is Welcome!
A 14+ work in progress server that is for the cg/l community, as i said before its a work in progress but i hope you'll give me ideas and things to help me out and enjoy your stay!
This is a server where you can relax and have fun and let loose. Also meeting new friends and possibly even that special someone! Come and take a look. We are also an ageplay server
We're a discord server focused around CGL!! We are an active group of friends looking to expand and meet new people who are interested in CGL. You need to be 16+ to join and there is also an 18+ section as well. Everyone is welcome!!