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πŸ’™A New 15 CG/L, DDLG, furry dating server!!πŸ’™ πŸ’™ Everyone is welcome hereπŸ’™ πŸ’™ We're planning on getting up to 100 channels and just as many rolesπŸ’™ πŸ’™We have a few dating channelsπŸ’™ πŸ’™Offering Dom/Sub pair up!!πŸ’™ πŸ’™15+πŸ’™ πŸ’™ Looking for helpers, Mods, Bot assistance, ECT πŸ’™
Stuffie Emporium is a 16+ cg/l server that is steadily growing. It has many roles and more to be added. It also has free stuffies!! Anyone 16+ is welcome to join and we hope you enjoy your stay.
β˜…β™‘β˜…β™‘β˜…Welcome to Sweet Paradise City!β˜…β™‘β˜…β™‘β˜… We are an 18+ Community Server based on BDSM and DDLG with a few kinks in between. This server is focused on the relationship aspects of BDSM. A Lot of aspects of BDSM are based on trust. In our server we hope to help people educate themselves in the BDSM world and help them build themselves as a Dominant or Submissive Partner. Our server has plenty of different perks about it. This is not just an NSFW based community, we like to make events every few days! β˜…18+ Adults only β™‘NSFW Content locked β˜…behind a strict verification process β™‘Cards Against Humanity β˜…Scribbl.io β™‘Movie Nights! β˜…Gaming Events β™‘Server Currancy β˜…Bot Games β™‘Music Channels β˜…Roleplay Channels Come on over and say hi!
A small CG/L group that is very welcoming and friendly. We have games and entertainment, and are modifying with every new member
wicked temptations is a fun roleplay/bdsm server where you can meet new friends , explore new roleplays, kick back and chill with cool peeps and explore your kinky side , we hope to see you soon ^-^
Welcome to Sugar Sweet CGL! Here we have a variety of channels and loads of fun in store! 🍩 18+ channels 🍩 Easy use of roles 🍩 A matchmaking Chat 🍩 Events and Movie Nights 🍩 Questions of The Day 🍩 Engaging Staff 🍩 Many channels And more... Come and join the fun! We'll be waiting!
❀ we are a cute kinky server filled with lots to do and people to meet ❀ πŸŽ€ 18+ NSFW πŸŽ€ DDLG and BDSM focused. πŸŽ€ Porn and hentai sharing πŸŽ€ Sell yourself or hire a slave with our server currency πŸŽ€ Dating and ERP channels πŸŽ€ Smash or Pass πŸŽ€ Roast nights πŸŽ€ Nudes and Selfie channels πŸŽ€ Vent and Debate channels πŸŽ€ Aesthetic channels πŸŽ€ Custom name colors and roles πŸŽ€ Gallery channels πŸŽ€ Kink discussion πŸŽ€ Self promotion channel πŸŽ€ LGBTQ+ supporting πŸŽ€ 100 of the best custom emotes.
ღ Welcome to Little One's Playhouse! ღ We strive to bring like minded people in the server. β˜† This is a 16+ server. β˜† β˜† We joke around a ton in this server, if you're very sensitive this server may not be for you. β˜† ღWhat we offer ღ: ღ Self assignable roles. ღ Color assigned roles. ღ Playroom. ღ Roleplay. ღ Memes. ღ Gaming channels. ღ QOTD. ღ Media and pictures. ღ Match making channels. ღ BDSM test results ღ Gear pictures ღ Art channel ----------------------------- ღ NSFW channels: ღ NSFW hentai ღ NSFW gifs ღ NSFW roleplay
Welcome to The Island of Misfits! We're so excited to have you join us! We have so much to offer you, including things like: Verification + Channels to follow, Self-Assignable Roles, Areas for Doms and Submissives, and so much more!
Searching through servers trying to find one with a kinky community where you won't feel judged, somewhere you'll feel welcomed? Join us today, where you and your kinks matter! Age 18+ SFW channels Verified 18+ NSFW channels
> Welcome to Forgotten dream < Forgotten dream is a brand new server! After our first day on launch already some amazing people have joined! We hope to be able to keep this up. Come join us now and help us build the best server to everyone's desires ^^. It is a server for everyone part of the DDLG/CGL community and furry fandom. We welcome everyone and we do not judge anyone. We have here for you: > 40+ channels > Experienced staff that listens to you > Self-assignable roles! > We hope to start events like movie nights and game nights soon! > We have fun bots to keep you busy and entertained > Many different channels to share media, like drawings and memes! If you want to make new friends and meet new people with the same interests as you, don't hesitate and come talk to us! Hope to see you soon! ^w^ > Permanent Link: https://discord.gg/CHwAX6F
18+ discord server for autists and dumdums