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Rise of Rhaac'var is a very new and lore heavy server. A medieval situation for a medieval world. Ozias, the Physical Realm, faces a growing situation as Rhaac'var, a gang of elven supremacists, has plans to seal the portals leading to the Light and Dark Realms, Isutha and Etimelan. Numbers growing, Rhaac'var plans to eliminate and eradicate those foreign to Ozias back into their home realms, to eliminate competition for when they take over the physical realm. A group of brave warriors of the Joint Realms must unite together to fight this rising evil. Mercenaries, murderers, or mighty heroes, the men and women of Ozias, Isutha, and Etimelan must unite to keep the portals intact and remove the threat of Rhaac'var. 3000 years prior to the beginning of the RP, the three realms existed separately. Angels, residents of the Light Realm, practiced Positive Magic. Meanwhile demons, residents of the Dark Realm, practiced Negative Magic. They were very advanced and smart and magic basically ruled their lives. But between these two realms lied the Physical Realm. This realm housed the Humanoids, who were new and just barely had sentience. They didn't even wear clothes. Around this time, angels and demons both knew the existence of other realms and the beings living in them. They started to experiment. Angels practiced Negative Magic and demons practiced Positive Magic. This went against how things were supposed to be. This ripped open portals from the Light and Dark Realm to the Physical Realm. Angels and demons could enter the Physical Realm and downgrade their forms to live a normal life. Angels and demons would migrate here permanently as the Humanoids evolved. Over time, different Kingdoms were created in the Physical Realm and angels and demons would live among humans. Now, the Physical Realm is the most advanced and populated realm. Angels, demons, and Humanoids live together in almost perfect harmony, while the Light Realm and the Dark Realm have only a few hundred citizens each. However, when the portals were opened, both Positive Magic and Negative Magic leaked into the Physical Realm, infecting it and mixing together. If you add a Positive and a Negative, you get an equal; now, in the Physical Realm, all kinds of magic could be practiced by any species. The terms "Negative Magic" and "Positive Magic" are starting to fade away, now that they are mixed together. Humanoids have learned magic particularly well. demons could learn Positive Magic, but tend to stick with Negative Magic. Vice versa: Angels can practice Negative Magic, though they vastly prefer their Positive Magic. When either an Angel or a Demon enter the Physical Realm, their forms are downgraded. In their respective realms, angels and demons are beings of pure energy, and at that stage a dozen of them could wipe out a Humanoid army. However, as they take residence in the Physical Realm, their bodies adjust to the fleshy bodies of the Humanoids and, as you can expect, take a humanoid shape. Will you rise up to stop Rhaac'var? Or will you join them, helping them complete their plans? Whatever path you choose will affect the future of all realms.
Keaton Swarmatori and David Brown are normal high school teens, just living their lives to the fullest. One day however, Keaton stumbles upon a book, allowing the two boys to discover a new world, a land of Demons and Dark magic. Almost as if by fate, they are met with a Demon named Reyes, who, in return for not revealing his secret, allows the boys to help him hunt down monsters. Together, the three must hunt down, and capture every escaped beast from the Demon Realm
An RP server based off of Twin Satr Exorcists, and adapting fro mthe idea, creating it's own world and story, one that occurs in the future. What will your story be?
We are Demonic Realm! We are a small close knit server. We want everyone and everyone to join and experience the friendship that can be found here. Even though we are demons and monsters with a few angels scattered around, we still know how to have fun!
Welcome to Hell! The fiery torturous land you've pictured before is nothing like what we have here- at least, not where you've ended up in it. 18+ server with erp and weekly in character tournaments. We're very, very new, so please be patient with us getting things set up!
In a world in the threat of extinction only a few brave souls stand up to the threat of an alien invasion from a war seaking species. Pilots that control giant Mech suits battle out their days fighting a enemy of immense strength. Join the fight against the Araganics and save human and demons from the war to come.
We are The Veil! Enter a would full of fantastic people where there are channels galore. We have most things here, including rubies, which you can purchase items and even channels with! Come in, agree to our rules and have fun!
When Rin and his friends defeated Satan and the eight demon kings Rin ended up betraying them, but Kamiki decided to join him. So, when Rin took the title of Satan Kamiki became his wife. They later had 8 children which became the next demon kings as infants. Rin sent them to Assiah in different homes in baskets rhat only stated their age, gender, and name. Not knowing their abilities, origins, and who they really are. Now that the demon kings and humans would be living in the same world without anyone knowing.
A Race of demons has invaded the land once again, creating a war. The war has raged on for 8 years as the Military fight the Death spawn. As the years have passed some humans have accepted their ways and joined the demons without being possessed. They are known as the corrupted ones. Some Civilians have formed resistances and factions of their own as they somehow lost trust in the council and military and have taken the fate of survival into their own hands. As the chaos unfolds, there may be celestial beings at play as two goddess sisters watch the events unfold
Come and take a peek under the veil or bed, and talk about the things that make our hair stand on its end. This is Under Midnight's Veil.