Dragon Discord Servers

We're having a great rp server for anyone who wants to make a new dragon, or come in for a good time. Everyone is welcome!
A chill and laid-back chat for discussing all things dragon ball and whatever else! Meet new people and hang out in our tight knit community
This server was made with the intention of hanging out with fellow fans of the Dragon Ball series
Einer der mehreren Nachfolgeserver des alten Dragon City, nur für größere Zwecke ausgelegt mit mehr Rollen als der alte. Dieser Server hat keine bestimmten Schwerpunkte, jedoch gibt es dort Bereiche für Game of Thrones und Anime, und auch Roleplays. Dragon Empire wird ein großer Server, und es würde mich sehr erfreuen, wenn dort mehr Aktivität wäre. Nebenbei wird es dort Wettbewerbe geben, ähnlich wie auch hier.
A fun Dragon Ball z Dokkan battle trading server
Heyaa! We're looking for more active weebs in our server. Giveaways and game events are sometimes held with prices for the winners ofc. The server also need more active moderators and admins with some experience. You can leave your "application forms" to my or the other admins' direct messages.
There are several different dragon breeds(you can be hybrid as well), two cities(though they are more like kingdoms), many different roles for the cities, you can also be a loner. The server has a new owner and we are looking for more active members and are thinking about changing some aspects of the rp
(Dragon/School/Magic RP 13+ ages only) The universe was created by two beings, named Lux and Tenebris, who were later portrayed as 'dragons.' They bent galaxies into what is today, and soon, humans grew on the small planet of 'Earth' with the marks of their Divines. They were: -Caeruleum: the Blue; the Sky; the Sea; the Wise. -Rubrum: the Red; the Fire; the Blood; the Energy. -Viridi: the Green; the Earth; the Youth; the Nurture. They each gave the humans powers, watched over them for many years. Until one day, they came down to the earth, telling them what they were, who they were, teaching them. They soon gave portals to their realms and moved away, a school blossoming afterwards to teach those with new abilities. Do you wish to learn about yours?
A fairly new server that welcomes everyone in the roleplay community. Literate roleplayers only. Bots, Roles and much more!! Be one of the first to join and get a special role!!
The Dragon's Court is a server for adventurers, Mages, Barbarians and Knights alike. We are a community based around the Fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons. Our server features channels for Story Telling for all the nations to hear your great quest or not so great quest, Gaming for such games as Magic the Gathering, D&D, Path Finder, Warhammer and much more as well as Discord RPG and other fun bots to use in downtime.
this is a year old discord server for dragon ball content