Drawing Discord Servers

We are a meme/hentai/furry/mlp/fun server with not only nsfw rank channels but role playing channels as well. Our server is named after the e621 character Venus. I the owner can guarantee you will have a GREAT time. We also can do custom ranks for you guys/girls.
We're a small, friendly and chill server for artists of all backgrounds, mediums and skills! 15+, though a NSFW channel is available for anyone over 18.
This is a server that’s just for people who want to share art, stories, roleplay and have an overall positive environment to go to. We also have memes.
"There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents." An art server purely based on growth, improvement, and communication! Receive critique for your work, request help, and get special roles from giving feedback to others. A place to hang out, share humor and music and also challenging yourself with our weekly prompts. Once we reach a total of 100 members, we will be holding an event of the server emote entries!
Hi there! We're a server for artists to hang out and show off their art or ask questions to improve their skills. We are currently a small server!
In a universe where a new cryptid called an Infected is living amongst humans. It’s up to you to decide your route. Work for the big man and kill them off, be an infected and live your best life. Or ignore it and be human. It’s all up to you!
Hey guys, I'm That Normal G and I'm the CAPTAIN of the endeavor! join me and a few of my shipmates on our journey of conquest! We are a small SFW server and we are hopping to grow as a community. On this server you can find things such as music and chat channels, art and meme chats, as well as a notice board for when one of the Captains is streaming or uploading a video. So if you need a chill place to chat or post memes or even listen to some sweet tunes why not pass by :cruise_ship: and have a good time.The Endeavor Ship.
We are just a small community of friendly people who like to joke around,draw,listen to music and basically anything else.
We are a server that focuses around art and gaming! If you are an aspiring artist or a gamer, we’d love to have you! We do regular art contests that have ACTUAL prize money! Join in on the fun!
**HEY GUYSS Join us! We have Gaming, Anime, Art, and general chat! Can send videos or art of your own! there is also NSFW.**
A german server for all forms of art. Drawing, writing, photography, etc. "Kunst-Choas" is a server there you can talk about all forms of art. Present your art to ather users and get feedback!
We are an art/drawing community, full of people who are willing to help you learn how to get better at design, colours, and just basic art improvement. You can post any art you make, whether it's digital or in real life. Animations are also always welcome! We've even have people post things they've made in Minecraft! We are friendly people who love, well, drawing!