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I鈥檒l save you some time with the description. Here. GAMER GIRL COUNT: 18 馃槒 -Shitload of bots -Decent people -New stuff being added weekly -Votes and suggestions -Actually decent admin that won鈥檛 instamute you if you act rarted... just don鈥檛 break no rules (Edit) Currently looking for a partner! DM @Drizzified#4925 if interested! We won鈥檛 let you down!
Hello there! You are a programmer or you just want to be one? Then you are here completly right! You will get help, experience and fun on the Development Union! For example you just want to know how you develop your own discord bot. No Problem. You just give you the role in which language you wanna write it and you'll get some help! I hope you enjoy your time on this server!
Welcome to Halloverse!~ Main Creator: halloweed Heya! I am halloweed, obvi the creator and owner of this server. There are other staff members who work with me to create fun events *psst there is an event right now, go check it out* and a lot of other things! We are a community of the tags above. Noticing social, it means that we are very kind and respectful. Nsfw, hmm.. people are quite kinky. Mature, yes, most people are matured. English, yes English only please! Therapy, hmmm... A lot of my friends tell me I would make a good therapist and that i have helped them a lot with their problems, i decided to practice with this! There is a server family tree running, but its very small atm (ples join we're lonely potaotes qnq) More updates coming soon!~ Want to know more? Join!!
Tokyo Ghoul: Dementia is a new roleplay server based of the Tokyo Ghoul series. We have nice staff, active members, etc. Come join the fun!
A simple server where you can relax and discuss anime with other people. We have a variety of channels, catering to different tastes. I hope to see y'all there!
Hallo iedereen wil jij een discord server joinen waar groot deels Nederlands samen met elkaar gamen? Zo ja join gezellig onze discord server en word met ons bevriend. We spelen vooral league of Legends, Pubg, Fortnite, Minecaft en nog veel meer. Op de server kan je gebruik maken van de #NSWF channel #meme channel en als je muziek wil luister of bot commands wil gebruiken van de #Bot channel.
Welcome to nigrz! Join the server for a awesome community ...no rules and shit don't be too much of a normie... I hope you will like it! 鈾モ櫏
This server is an English-Japanese-Other Languages exchange and gaming server. We value respect and excellence. Treats each other like family. Join our growing family.
We are a small gaming Server With 10 Members At This Moment We Do not allow Swearing or racism You can come here to find people to play games with and make friends and you are allowed to advertise. :)
Smokez is a gaming hangout mainly focused on ROBLOX, but we talk about other games too. We are looking for active members. We offer: Good staff Bot games A Friendly Community Staff applications are coming soon.