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Active meme server with unique memes and such, join to now you won't regret (+18)
Glacier is an nsfw server where you can be yourself and meet content creators (ex. youtubers, streamers, pro and casual gamers, artist, rappers, and more!) or just chillout in our igloo's and meet new people! This server is mainly for socializing more than anything!, we want you to be a part of a big family where you can have fun and kick it back as some of us on discord just wants to relieve stress and socialize.
We are Team Shadow a server with pokecord and many other bots! We have Pokecord Events, Free daycare, Tournaments, Huge Giveaways! Auctions, Well Managed Gyms! and much much more! Are you darksiders or light side? Join up and decide! Help your selected side dominate the battle field in the ongoing race for bragging rights and fun! Join a totally non-toxic community and have fun with all of us!
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ~▪▪▪▪WELCOME TO AI▪▪▪▪~ AI is a brand new server where you can make new friend's and have fun conversations. **Reasons to join** •Partner •Fun channels •Events •Nsfw❗ ------------------------------------------------ All though we do have Nsfw channels this still is a Sfw community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~《Staff's》~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Managers are in charge of staff and everyone els with roles below them, Managers are to see if a member is worthy of being staff. They are also there to report to Owner to ser if a staff abuses privileges. ---------------------------------------- **BOTS** Mantaro Mee6 Miki Tastumaki Nadeko Rythm Dank memer ---------------------------------------- **you must have 70 members or above for a ping to everyone to join you're partnered server.** invite link:
A server for those weird gamers (not really)
"There are no mistakes. Just happy accidents." An art server purely based on growth, improvement, and communication! Receive critique for your work, request help, and get special roles from giving feedback to others. A place to hang out, share humor and music and also challenging yourself with our weekly prompts. Once we reach a total of 100 members, we will be holding an event of the server emote entries!
Welcoming Gaming Community. Friendly, welcoming, and humble. With Movie Nights, Game giveaways, Events and much much more to keep the herd entertained. So why not join us now!
Come join Lumines Gaming! With a friendly community, various bots, events, and more, you surely will have a great time! We have channels for things like Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, and quite a few more.
Come join the Falecia Cult! We are a community on Discord who worship our one trie goddess Falecia. Enjoy the server as he host fun little events. Of course we do this while paying ohms to our one true savor Falecia.
an edgy as fuck server full of egirls and cancerous cunts. join us today and be apart of the family :))
࿈The IA࿈ •°•═══════════════•°• A fun server where users can; Interact with bots! Earn money! Play games! Make friends! The IA also offers; Self assigning roles, gaming channels, streaming partnerships, what else could you ask for?! •°•═══════════════•°• The IA has dedicated staff, as well as friendly users ready to welcome you in! Come join, see you soon!