Fetish Discord Servers

BDSM / Fetish - France est le serveur francophone idéal pour parler BDSM, Bondage, Fétichismes, et bien plus encore ;) Une bonne ambiance est présente ainsi que des membres de confiance ! Rejoignez-nous ! nous sommes déja + de 100 ;)
Hypnokink? Come melt your mind and make friends at Discord’s newest and most friendly server.
Do you fantasize about losing your mind, having your will taken from you, and turned into a hypnotist’s toy? ;) Join CovertHypnotism and make your kinky fantasies a reality. Beware: Consent upon entry. 18+ only.
Brand New Foot Fetish / NSFW Server Come By and Enjoy Your Fetish With Us!
A channel for gay men to discuss fart fantasies
We are a server all about Vore and other nsfw stuff! We are friendly and brand new! Join us and have fun!
Kinky furry oriented server surrounding mostly inflation and fats. Theres several sfw and nsfw rooms as well as roleplay channels if that interests you. I hope to make it a relatively chill and open community for other furs with similar interests to come together and just overall have a good time.
Be sure to read the rules and have fun!
Chastity centered server for submissives of all genders where women rule.
A fun, friendly BDSM LGBT server.
Hello and welcome to the Hair Fetish Chat Channel! Feel free to explore and have fun but be aware, NO bashing, rudeness, flaming or racist comments are allowed. This is a fun place for everyone who has a hair fetish, regardless of the type. Chat with others and share your fantasies, fetishes or deepest desires!