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A gaming Discord server with dedicated channels for any games such as survival,fps,mmo,simulation,strategy,fighting,moba,rpg. trying to get a feedback? or just wanna showcase your own arts! A server for artist, designers, illustrators, programmers. with self-role. Currently looking for members. This server contains giveaway, fun bots, radio, music, friendly members, good entertainment, leveling perks, global emotes. join the fun!
((Are you a Filipino interested in a roleplay server with magic? Inspired by Harry Potter, SIONIL MONTESSORI OF MAGECRAFT AND SCIENCE is an original roleplay server about a magic school set in the Philippines, much like Hogwarts or Ilvermorny. We only accept OCs! Please come and visit, and check out our RP info! Here's the extended intro for our server.)) Here in the glorious modern era of Philippines, unlike Western magic schools such as Hogwarts and Ilvermorny, Filipino Muggles (called matino) and Wizards coexist in harmony. The Philippines has always been quite superstitious and believed in the existence of nuno, aswang, multo, and concepts such as bulong, pagpag, and usog. To be frank, Filipino matino people wouldn’t be ignorant about that stuff. As such, the Ministry of Magic in the Philippines did not need to worry about matino people discovering them. And thus, Sionil Montessori was founded. Only wizards could enter and study, but normal people can look at its majestic gates.
Philippines Discord Server with over 20k members of Filipino gamers
Any Ph Onces are allowed here, no age requirements. Only be a filipino, speak one or if you’re a ONCE foreigner livin’ here in the Philippines, and can speak few filipino words or nah. You’re still invited. And yes, people there are also Gamers
This is a new server that i have made today and we are currently looking for members who want to join the server and make the server bigger. This server is for filipinos out there!! Once the server get more members we will make roles and channels and arrange more thing but for now the server only have three members
Hello •̀.̫•́✧ Ang server na ito ay para sa cosplayers ng Pinas. Halina't sumali!
Linden School is an exclusive private school in Quezon City with an enrollment over 5,000 students. It is well- known for it’s school motto which is Dicata est ad Virtutem or “Dedicated to Excellence”. Established in 1910, Linden School was founded by Mr. Leonardo Linden who commits to help Filipino to be educated equally despite of the social status.
Filipino/Tagalog learning is a place for both learners and native speakers of Tagalog to talk! People can ask questions, get feedback on their listening and speaking skills and more!