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San Andreas Legacy Roleplay is a highly structured, whitelisted, and serious GTAV Fivem Roleplay community. We offer positions in State, Sheriff, and Police Departments along with Emergency Services. Civilian and Dispatch are always open.
Do you play Five M? Do you like Las Vegas? Then you should join Las Vegas Roleplay! You can be a wide Varity of things, such as a Highway Patrolmen, Air Force Pilot, National Guardsmen, Las Vegas Metro Police! :rotating_light: FAQ :rotating_light: Are you hiring staff? Yes, we are hiring a lot of staff members right now Do you have custom cars? Not yet, They're being made right now Is there a in-game menu? No not right now you have to use lamba Can i gamble? Not yet, we're working on that. :rotating_light: JOIN HERE :rotating_light:
So there has been a lot of things going on at the moment. I should be resetting the staff team again and getting some trust worthy people as staff. This is due to lack of communications, and lack of attitude. The server will be down, I will no longer be working with ADT ( He is banned from the discord/ all my servers). Me and @Juntiz and @UndyingThrone should be getting a new server up very soon. But also we have to discuss about the staff team and who to trust. Anyways, thank you guys for having so much patience with the server... Because ADT didn't and that's why it didn't suceed. As you can see here, ADT states that: At the end of the month I am going to close Classical Roleplay server is dead. But he has not made the effort to put any work in deving, or put any work towards the server and the community. As you can also see here, he tried messing up the server and getting alt's on to the server. 1: 2: Thank you for understanding, and I hope it's worth the wait :))
I am Austin i own a fivem server along side my best friend Ecliptic We have very well trained staff and amazing community we hope to get some awesome people to come and have a fun rp with us. If you show dedication and help new players we will talk to you about getting staff and you would be trained your self we do not have random people apply you have to be a loyal member> So if you would like to give us a try just join hope you have fun and thank you.
18+Server - |BGN Beyond Gaming Network| GTA V ✅ PC ✅ Teamspeak✅ Police✅ Civs✅ EMS✅ Fire✅ Staff postitions available✅ Live Streaming✅ Serious RP✅
Serveur complet pour gta rp sur five m
We are a Hawaii-based Roleplay community for FiveM, a framework for GTA5 on PC. We have Law Enforcement, Firefighter, Dispatch and Civilian positions available! Check us out now! We are touching up the server and have many vacancies open! Get in early to benefit from the opportunities!
Looking for a new FIVEM Community to go and play on? Want to make some new friends to role-play with? Look no further! Come join FlintTownRP @ We have many departments including: Flint Highway Patrol, Flint County Sheriffs Office, Flint Police Department, and Flint Fire & Rescue (Including EMS and Medical Examiner with in Fire). Each department specialised with its own fleet and uniform, a working Browser MDT/CAD System. If you don't fancy LEO or FD then join up as civ, with 3 civ ranks to earn on your way, each with a unique set of privileges, and if you don't have GTA then you may join up as a dispatcher too! So come on down and join us at FlintTownRP. Apply today (Available spots in Law Enforcement Agencies including head of Sheriff and LSPD and Emergency Rescue Services and Civilian roles!). ~Director FlemmyBoy
> Hello! We offer a completely new community that is still in development for people interested in police work! - We want to acquire atleast a couple of new members to help us out developing our community. - Currently we do not offer active FiveM servers, but we offer members being the beta testers for our features. - Here you also can hang out with you friends and talk about pretty much anything. Hope to see you soon!
We Are A Proffesional FiveM RP Community That Uses All Platforms With A CAD, Social Media, YouTube Channel, & Much More!!!!
CandyRP is a public GTA V FiveM Roleplaying server.