Friendly Community Discord Servers

»»————- we’re a cute small family friendly server and also a super fun community where you’ll never get bored! we have tons of emotes + fun channels and more! ————-««
Welcome to the world of war and betrayal! We're a server ment for rp and erp about a world that's at war! Erp is allowed here! Mostly have fun and enjoy your time staying!
Here at EMU Planet, we're committed to helping you beat that level that you struggle on so much that you kick scream and throw things. We have support channels, speedrun channels, gaming voice chats, custom emoticons, custom commands, and alot more. We need help growing! We have alot of channels and voice chats for alot of things. You like a game? We don't have that game's rank? We'll add it. You just need to notify us with a simple MEE6 command. remember, !help to get a list of our commands! We're improving daily despite our community, and we still have potential of life with this server.
Hello! Looking for an awesome Minecraft Server? Well, look no further! Fireverse is the place for you! We enjoy and look forward to meeting all new members! :D Server IP -
A new comfy server for Filipino-Gamers from different parts of the world to connect with other gamers! (^o^)/ Other ethnicities are welcome too♡
Hiya and welcome to Reaper, we are a newly started server hoping to expand and grow into a friendly community with friendly staffs. We offer a variety of text and voice channels so you talk and hangout with your friends and maybe even make new ones. We are currently looking for other servers to partner with so feel free to contact the owner (MrBud#7051) about partnering. Feel free to come down and say hi because we’re friendly and we don't bite. Hope you enjoy your time in the server! :smiley:
A role-play server set in an alternate retelling to the Fate/Grand Order storyline with devastating twists and a fun time for all involved. That aside, a lovely community open to making friends and hanging out with memes and occasional community events.
Project F.R.E.Y is a mix of medieval and futuristic towny gameplay packed with hundreds of new items with new textures without modifications and it's own cooking, farming, fishing, herbalism, combat and roleplay system (as well as other features!) It is what we're proud to call a game inside a game, literally! You won't believe it until you see it so join us now and witness the outcome of five years of hard work and dedication!
~~ We are an active furry/scalie server run by a few shorks and a birb. Here is some info about the server: - We have open admin positions - Friendly Community - Pretty Active - RP channels - NSFW (But there are certain rules for that) - Art Gallery - Special server events - And alot more! Thats what most of the server has to offer, we have alot of channels on the server that you all might enjoy! So please consider joining my Blub Empire.
This server has all you can imagine and more! Everyone treats eachother as family and we have many channels of different varieties so have fun! But be careful when the tsundere’s come Out some of them can get a little jealous sometimes wink wonk, you have been warned!