Friends Discord Servers

Hello, and welcome! My name is DJ Harmony and this is My server. I made this server with the intent to give people a safe place to discuss, create, and share music as I believe everyone deserves a fair chance to make a name for themselves if they wish to become a music creator and also to introduce others to music, or artists they might never have known or otherwise found out about. I believe in the power of music and the wonderful feelings it can create. While this may be a music focused server, I would also consider this to be a community server so all are welcome, whether you create music or just like to listen to it or if you just want a chill place to hang out with cool people. A little about myself, there's not much interesting to me. I'm 19, from America and I DJ and occasionally make my own tracks. I play some pc games but more often than not I'm either mixing music, doing Yoga, or practicing martial arts. There's a little about me! I hope you enjoy your time here and if you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!
So, this is a server focussing on positivity and kindness! if you feel lonely, down, or just want some new friends, this is the server for you the server is small currently, but hopefully it will be filled with active members soon!
We are a loving new sever and we are down for just bout anything and we can help if your feeling down and we enjoy any type of music and art
Lenova MC Is a Simple Survival MC Server.
This is a BEE server to make friends and BEE happy.
At Jurassic Universe we are a funny, interactive, supportive community. We ensure that the community enjoys there time talking with everyone.
A fun discord server to hangout with friends and have some fun! We offer advice, cool roles, tips and tricks, and so much more! Come join and check it out!
A server originally created as a main hub for my YouTube Channel, but soon turned into just a nice community for people to join. Everyone is welcome and I'd love to see more people join! We recently hit 100 members and I'm very happy with it :D
New server. Wanna make it big ,pls join! Intend to make it a cool place to wear off your stress, get cozy , get more friends and chat and know a lot more people! Everyone from any part of the globe is welcome!
࿈The IA࿈ ‒°‒═══════════════‒°‒ A fun server where users can; Interact with bots! Earn money! Play games! Make friends! The IA also offers; Self assigning roles, gaming channels, streaming partnerships, what else could you ask for?! ‒°‒═══════════════‒°‒ The IA has dedicated staff, as well as friendly users ready to welcome you in! Come join, see you soon!
No friends? Need a laugh? Come and join ourHome! We welcome you with open arms.