Friends Discord Servers

If your anti social but want friends join if you just want friends join if you want to build life long friendships join the family
join if you're bored, have no friends, or are lonely
Our server is a small community or friends willing to get some more to talk about random stuff that people talk about on discord and to have some fun with some bots. It is a nice community so far and we wish to keep it that way. Abide to the rules and you will be spick and span.
Draw Den is a new art server for people to share their art, chat, and make new friends! Head on down to the Draw Den!
COME JOIN INVITICUS FOR THE MEMES, GAMING, ARTS, AND MORE! :D Joining will allow you to have your own custom role, and the ability to join clubs to your liking so you can find people that like the same thing as you! Anteiku is a community driven community with lots to offer! Even though we're small we have a lot to do such as... 馃尮 NSFW Area's 馃尮 Dating Area's 馃尮 Roleplay Area's 馃尮 Gaming Area's All of which are locked under Self Assigned roles, so if you don't want to see it you don't have to! Along with all of our area's we have... 馃尮 Active Members 馃尮 Active staff 馃尮 Auto-Moderation 馃尮 Anti-Raid 馃尮 Spam Protection 馃尮 A Chill-Area 馃尮 Anime / Music / Gaming chat area's 馃尮 Game Bots 馃尮 Music Bots 馃尮 Marriage Bots 馃尮 Lots of fun bots pretty much! and we are currently looking for Partners! If you have a server with above 100 members feel free to join and message me @Ghoul#0666 and we can talk about a partnership. Hope to see you soon!
Do you like meeting new people? Well then come down to Kokiri Forest where you can play games, make friends, and discuss whatever you'd like! <3
A little hangout I made to distract myself and possibly meet new people.
We're a virtual family, the one you never had but always wanted, if there are any problems then you can go there and even vent, We like anime Games and are very are welcoming, it's a safe place to chill, chat, team up and make friends. It would be a pleasure for you to join our Discord!
This is a 16+ dating server! Here at sugar rush, we have... 馃崿 Non-toxic community! 馃崿 Friendly staff! 馃崿 Our own economy and level system! 馃崿 Plenty of bots to play with! 馃崿 Self-roles! 馃崿 Looking for partners! 馃崿 Roleplay channels! ~Blake, AKA Queen Frostine Note: THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR TROLLS. ALL TROLLS WILL BE BANNED ON SIGHT.
Meet new people. Enter giveaways. Become staff. Have serious talks. Memes* games and anime. View the latest Reddit posts. Assign different roles. Read the latest news about the internet. And many more!
Here at the Dating Cafe we accept all people and treat you all with respect. This is a place you are free to show how much you love someone If you are Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual, Aromantic, or Undecided. no mater what you are this is a Sanctuary, a safe place for you Join Us at Dating Cafe Now and make new friends and find love in every corner