Funny Discord Servers

Hentai Hell is a hentai server. Duh. We joke around a lot, so if you get offended easily, just don't join. If you like to joke around a lot then join, we love people like you. We can talk about most topics, hentai gaming, etc. If you epic gamers want to join go ahead. Let's have fun in Hell. *wink emoji*
shit post af ......memez af....... we got Ricardo milos so basically im monky yee yeee yeee ya ya same same banana good description btw ay ay
We are community looking to grow, and you sexy bastards will get us there for sure. We are looking for new friends and people to have fun with, As well as expand in anyway we can! Well PhatNuts is waiting for you bb girls (;
This is a growing discord server with tons of fun stuff such as fun bots, exciting roles and more! The server is not overwhelming, but very fun!
Welcome to Hell! Gamer safe space. Also Gamer girls welcome! With this server, you can fur fill your hellish desires and look at memes with friends! Even though its hell, its surely one of the best servers out there! (Because its hell). We have ~Memes~ !Art! @[email protected] #Lotsa Bots# $And much more$ And now added! The Darwin awards! Where you can submit silly ways to die, and will get posted! We'll see you here!
We are a cool funny ecks dee el oh el server. We like memes. We pretty much just hang out and chill and speak to each other. We can make custom and ecks diddly dee funny roles if you want. I dont really care just dont raid it. We got some music bots n stuff.
A community for epic gamers that wanna chill and shit post about anything and everything. I hope you join and enjoy your stay in shit post hell.
Uhh this is coochie beans where people talk to each other n stuff, you can play games together too and idk the server is kinda dead and I want to revive it please join, especially the e-girls 😉
for people who's looking for friends and people to play with. or have a good laugh
The time has come! Arm yourself up for the war! The apocalypse will devour us all if you dont sign up! Sign in if you want to still be a part of this world!
The First (that I know of) archive of all shitposting. With new posts every day. If you want funny pictures and funny videos, this is the place to be. With a few NSFW tabs, for when you aren't in public. Most of what is in the NSFW tabs are jokes, they just happen to have nudity in them. This server is collaborative, anyone can post; however, if the rules are broken a ban will be delivered.