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Official Discord for FurFang Social Furry Network | A friendly open Furry Community, Where every voice is heard! (Ran by 10 Year Furry Veteran) We Have NSFW Content but open to anyone (Requires certain role)! -Friendly Staff & Community -Verified member roles ! - SFW/NSFW Roleplaying. - SFW/NSFW Art & Discussion. - Verification filters. No trolls = no drama. - 50+ text channels for you to explore! - Self-assignable roles. -Show off your fursona -memes
Hi! We're an 18+ furry community that does not allow roleplay. We have joinable roles, selectable colors, nsfw sections, and a separate channel for those 22+ professionals who still stick with the fandom.
A actively improving a expanding furry discord server! In this discord we allow pretty much anyone to come here and chat with people/post images/art work, Or just share stuff with people that has the same interest as you! In this server we have our own custom made bot that is being worked on everyday and being developed by DJ Kitty! We also have moderation pretty much all the time and this discord will be actively monitored and making sure we ban any raiders before they cause too much damage to the server! Thank you for reading this and we hope you enjoy this server! - DJ Kitty
Nothing much. Its just a hangout server with some rp channels. This is also a furry friendly server. People who aren't furries are allowed here as well. Just don't be rude please. This is a work in process but its still good. So join please. ;p
Welcome to our land full of dragons and other fascinating creatures! Your heart guided you to our lands, your soul has been called. Just listen to the harmonious sounds of nature around here. Whatever you need can be found at this place. May it be a river, a forest, the wind, fire or anything that you need to survive, little dragons and non-dragons. Let your spirit become strong. Make yourself at home. This place is supposed to be a second home for those who are dragon otherkin, dragon furries/scalies or simply those who are interested in our kind. We're open to just everyone who really wants to be a part of this calm and positive "garden eden". Where you can hear the dragons roar and chirp together with small and big critters. Even bears, wolves, cats, birds and many, many other creatures are welcome here. As long as you'll follow the rules and won't hurt any of us, you're welcome. I'm Val'drøth, a forest dragon. Just about the size of a smaller cougar. But yet inviting, friendly and rarely grumpy. I founded this place with the wish to get together with many other dragons - otherkin or not. Let's show the world that we aren't those huge killing machines as most creatures think about us. We're more than that. I myself mainly eat veggies even. I'm a huge fan of steamed veggies. But yes, I also like meat, mostly chicken. And am a honey lover. Well, okay... enough about my food preferences. Just let us relax a little bit and listen to the sound of life. In love, Val'drøth
🤝 - NOW HIRING STAFF!!! - 💼 🆕 -New Furry Rave Channel's with 24/7 Furry Rave Music! 🆕- Commission Channel's- 🆕 - Gaming VC Lobbies - 👋 Welcome to diesel's bar and grill The best damn place to be if you are a furry ^^ We have ton's of Roleplay and Non-Roleplay Channel's even some NSFW one's Two UWU. 🍺 Diesel's Bar & Grill is the best place to be when looking for friends, romance, roleplay and more! We have NSFW bot's, Personal Art channel, Private rooms and loads more! Our staff members are always happy to help you at any time! 🍻 ⚠ 18+ ONLY ⚠ ✅ Join today! ✅
FLOOFERS WANTED - We're a Pokémon-themed server centered around all Pokémon cute, fluffy, or both with the goal of making Discord's most awesome furry-friendly What makes us stand out and stand strong: - 36 non-staff text channels: Both SFW and NSFW available, including 5 RP-related channels! - Relaxed rules and no annoying word filters so you can speak your mind- just be civil! - Vibrant conversations that change topic every day. Gotta stay fresh, yo! - Some fun and useful bots to play music or play around. We're even working on our own! - Made a cool new drawing? We've got spot in our museum just for yours- no art degree required! Sounds good? Come join us! We're the floofiest server on Discord! And we know it.
This server is primarily aimed toward helping furry artists, adopt makers and writer/authors to promote their material and hopefully to help them make some sales! We even have a channel for non-furry stuff to be advertised if that is your thing as well. As long as it is creative and artistic. We are also a very sweet, kind community with no rude people or drama. Yep. You heard me right. You must be wondering; why is the server named such? Well, you see. That is an inside joke... and also a cult around here. Read the rules to learn how to join the cult. Have a great time! <3
💙A New 15 CG/L, DDLG, furry dating server!!💙 💙 Everyone is welcome here💙 💙 We're planning on getting up to 100 channels and just as many roles💙 💙We have a few dating channels💙 💙Offering Dom/Sub pair up!!💙 💙15+💙 💙 Looking for helpers, Mods, Bot assistance, ECT 💙
H.O.T.T. (Haven of the Tummy) Features: Channels for IRL, Art, Furry, Feedism, and more Private Channels for Male and Female Orientations Erotic Roleplay Collected List of Current and Active associated erotic servers
Hey guys!~ It's me Oreo and this is Oreo's Hideaway!!! We are quick growing community featuring Gaming, Dating, a safe Furry and RP commmunity, art showcasing and bots! We would love to have you in here! How about that? Join today! https://discord.gg/r9VcMxY Hey Guys! This is Orea, Not Oreo. I'd just like to mention that if you would like to roleplay in this server, it's not so much of a chat, it's more of you have to find people in the server who roleplay then make a group chat with them to roleplay.