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🐾UwU Crew is a small server for furries, by furries 🐾 *✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚ We have... 🎨 Artists! 🐺Self assignableroles (Species, sexuality, pronouns and role colors!) 🍆A selection of NSFW channels~ 🤖 Fun bots! And more... *✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚ Want to learn more about the community or just want to connect with other furs? Then what are you waiting for? Join us at UwU Crew!
*The year is 1899 the West is officially dying out ,and a new wave of technology and civilized people is coming. But in parts of West Texas and and other south western states the range is still wild. In these places the even the law is lawless and the outlaws still Ride. And the speed of your Draw can still decide someone’s fate. It is here where the strong can make a name for themselves and the weak well ....they are just Blood on the sand.*
Hello All And Welcome To Manehattan Square With The owner Shadow Eclipse#1181 And we're a small but growing community and looking for members and staff (we will have an application by January of 2019!!) We're accepting of all Fandom lovers so Come on and see what we have and can offer!
News : Holidays are coming soon. We will be giving away a Console to Celebrate Server Information: * Games ( All Games have Hidden Rooms ) * SMITE, League of Legends, DoTA 2, Battlerite * MineCraft * Overwatch, Paladins, Battlefield, Call of Duty We are quickly expanding into more games as community leaders join our gaming cause! * Movie Nights * Anime Nights * Cards Against Humanity Nights * Debate Nights Who is Inuki? What is Inuki TV? Inuki is a known furry in the SMITE scene. They have built up a large following and recently decided to take to the Discord and do something more than just SMITE! We promote positive attitudes to gaming and show you how to really have fun whilst playing =)
-- Welcome to Ritoze! -- ★ Judge-free community, come to be what you are! (As long as you aren't rude!) ★ ERP is not allowed, although NSFW discussion may occur. ★ Basically, every species is allowed! Dragon, fox, -- You name it! Anthros too, of course! Just no plain humans. If they have some kind of animal-like feature, though, they're most likely going to be accepted! ★ Jump right into the RP! Simple rules (hopefully) that won't weigh you down! ★ Chaos, chaos! We have lots of chaos here, too. Come have fun! We're much more than just RP. ★ Events! Games! Cool bots! ★ Small server, so we're in need of new family members! Come extend our small little hideout.
Welcome to my server. We are a new server created by Blackwolf07. We having gaming channels helpful staff streaming notifications because it’s mainly for my streams on mixer. We have nsfw chats and bots to use including rp and erp
If you're a roleplayer with any kind of OC that you love to roleplay, join this server! The aim is to make this server a crossover rp server with characters from all kinds of franchises and settings to make it one of the most chaotic concepts available. However please be mindful of the fact that some characters may have mentions of serious or disturbing topics such as r/pe, be mindful of this when joining.
A server that has risen from the ashed of "Furry And Anime Friendly Roleplay Chat" and has turned into this! The staff is experienced, so don't worry!
We are a small tight knit furry server! We are a friendly community and would like you to join us and our quest for quality art!
Welcome to LGBT+ Furry/Scalie Server. We are a server that is for fans and furries alike! We accept LGBT+ people and allies. We don't tolerate discrimination and we have many activities to do in our server. We have NSFW channel plus role and roleplay. We also accept artists. Feel free to join and make lots of friends!
A relaxed hangout for furries, poké-fans or the quirky and fun alike, come and visit a vision of a better world, this grand FURTOPIA
Interested in a new/growing, fun, and friendly Discord server? Then join the Cafe! With a friendly Mod team, a great community, Weekly Movie Nights, and fun events for the whole community. So, what are you waiting for? Hop right in!