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Just a friendly place to hang out and meet friends. Talk about life or even group up with friends to play video games or read (believe it or not). Have fun, that's really what this server is meant for. Hope to see you there <3
A community made for cool people to come chill, play, and chat. We have activity based roles and partnership. A "City" is implemented with UnblieveaBoat bot and we have "life" ranks purchasable in store. Example Ranks: ("homeless, worker, etc.") Also, we got Pokemon!!!
Share your content and works and promote it here!
Welcome to Sky Kingdom! A place (albeit: trying to grow) to talk about Anime, Manga and Games.
annyeongaseyon loves, and welcome to the server, in here you can express yourself in anyway by showing what you love to do and what makes you happy, we welcome you here as a space child and hope you enjoy your stay we accept anyone thats apart of lgbtq+ and much more. if you love being aesthetic and love aesthetic stuff, this place has it uwu, you can post art, drawings and so so much more. we hope you enjoy your stay here at the space children server uwu
Small discord server for streamer MNGO Join thew mango army today
࿈The IA࿈ •°•═══════════════•°• A fun server where users can; Interact with bots! Earn money! Play games! Make friends! The IA also offers; Self assigning roles, gaming channels, streaming partnerships, what else could you ask for?! •°•═══════════════•°• The IA has dedicated staff, as well as friendly users ready to welcome you in! Come join, see you soon!
Mirai is the best rp server lol join or else i sue. Jk but mirai is filled with amazing people and has an amaaaaaaaaazing plot so drop in and make some friends, create an oc and rp, join the madness lol
Hello there! This is a newly made server made to be a great community for everyone! As I want to say, I wish you don't mind the aspects of life and friendship in this server! 📜We offer📜: ➶ Friendships and Relationships! ❤️ ➶ Chatting about basically anything! ➶ NSFW (18+) ➶ Custom Roles (soon coming out!) ➶ Roleplaying! ➶ LGBT+ friendly! We hope you enjoy your stay! ACCEPTING SPONSORSHIPS / PARTNERSHIPS!
Welcome to the super school! This server was developed to teach students about any subjects that he/she want. But our main target is to teach students international languages. But don't worry about the rules, memes are allowed and stupid jokes are allowed but don't involve some staff.
Meme Dynasty is a fun, growing server that needs your help in its recovery from a mass ban from a rouge admin. This server grants the following: Gaming, friendly people to chat with, daily questions, diversity, memes, and a lot more
International server to meet new friends, dating, play games and hang out .family and friends, we feature a lot of different rooms and services. we speak different languages, we have a very strong community. -We have 3 simple golden rules : ------------------------------------------- 1 respect love and peace 2 avoid disturbing 3 have a fun and don't be shy ------------------------------------------- *There will be absolutely no rudeness, discrimination.; bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, religious or political hate here *this server is for 18+ *for original people only