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tempat melarikan diri dari kehidupan nyata (under developement, tapi silakan berkunjung buat lihat2)
This Is A Roleplay Server Called: Kinetic Spirions High: -Make Friends! -Roleplay! -Listen To Music! -Play Games With Others! And Much More! :3
This server is for people who like to hangout and talk about games at the same time. We like to use the owo bot a lot. We'll talk about all kind of things.
So my admin says this should be the descripto. so here it is "We're all about that geek lyfe" Welcome bois. YEH HECKIN' PLEBS. EAT MY TOE NAILS. There IS an NSFW chat btw, it all stays in #NSFW though of course. Swearing can go wherever, idc. Just no like NSFW swearing. Whatever, HAVE FUN MAH DOOOOOOOODS. P.S. This is the crappiest Description ever and I apologize :(
The last server got deleted. But we hope this one will stay. Welcome to Glob Apple Yarn 2.0! this server is a chill community with chill people and other chill stuff
This is just another small discord server to socialize, have fun, and make new friends. We hang out, share art, play games, and more! Wanna change colors? The more you chat, the closer you'll reach the top! *★_______________________________★* ❤ New roleplay channels added to the server! 🧡 Everyone has the freedom to express their ideas to expand the server even further 💛 Share art and mess around with the bots! 💚 Commands to grant and take away access to NSFW channels 💙 Change a new color every 10 levels! 💜 Everyone here is considered royalty, despite their social class and status *★_______________________________★* I hope you join us, Aqua's server of royalty awaits your arrival! 💕\(≧∇≦)/💕
We have members of ages of 13-18 any age is allowed. We will protect you and make sure you are safe of any catfishing, trolls, etc. If you wanna find some friends you can hang with its all good fun to have in this community, You can also talk with friends while playing games. All genders accepted either that be Male, Female, Trans Male, Trans Female,
This isn't the official server as this is the rules and information on the main servers you'll be joining in on. As so we have Camp Horus. And then we have Camp Jupiter. Soonly we'll be making a Valhalla and Camp Half-Blood server for you all to join! Hopefully you like what I've created with the staff and total and again, please join and enjoy.
We got nice Staff but also we have fun bots and cookies We're a non-toxic community We play lots of games and are pretty chill and like to discuss We want you to join us to help us grow to a bigger and nice community
Multiplatform Gaming ™ was established by Christtina in 2016. The community started off as a hang out joint for a common group of friends but rapidly grew into a large home for gamer's and those alike. Our common goal is to have everyone accepted no matter your platform, game, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. In 2017 Our Discord server got partnered and since then we have been running VIP server regions. The community has amazing perks, game servers, tournaments, stream teams, giveaways and we are always coming up with unique ways to engage with our people and keep the entertainment flowing. If you want to know more then check us out! #MultiplatformGaming
Доброго времени суток друзья! Приглашаем Вас на наш сервер! Мы ищем адекватных геймеров, которые тоже ищут кого-то, с кем можно играть! Заходите и зовите друзей! Также на сервере можно заключить взаимное сотрудничество и оставить ссылку на Ваш Discord по согласованию!
Ce serveur a 100 membres, et a un objectif de 150 membres. La communautée essaye d'être un minimum actif. Il y a des giveaways compte fortnite et spotify chaque jour ou semaine.