Giantess Discord Servers

A Giantess image server for Fate Grand Order. You can even Roleplay this type of situation too if you want. NSFW, 18+
A vore roleplay server with an emphasis on encouraging sexual exploration.
This is a Giantess D&D style Roleplay where the roll of some dice decide what happens to you. Will you win or will you die in some humiliating way.
Join here if you like giantess video game and anime characters. You can Roleplay the images or just share your favorites.
Welcome to Macroville! A town where everyone is welcome to begin a fresh new start in the macro community. With a prominent staff team active and overseeing the channels and open to all your queries! We strive to uphold a fine balance between RP and chatting, so nobody feels excluded! This is an 18+ server
Welcome to Size Haven, the city of size. Home to people big and small! Enjoy your stay! We are a friendly community for Size Related Content! Please make sure to follow them please :D
A server where only god's and goddesses rule over puny humans and tinies
A place for size roleplayers! Giantess, giants and tinies are all invited to roleplay and have fun with this fantasy. Only join if you find love in the small or the big!
SNG is a hub where every size Discord server, size content creator, and size fan can have a place to promote themselves and get together. Now many servers already do this, what makes mine so special? Well, it's also a place where everything and anything that’s size related gets reported. From manga, anime, movies, live action, etc. If it has a size theme, scene, or character. It’ll be reported and shared so everybody can see it. If that concept sounds interesting to you then come on by!
Shadawoo is a chill, adult group for macrophilia, furries, hentai, meme, video games and so on. And most importantly: for praising Awoo.
Welcome to Size Matters, an NSFW RP server where your character's height matters more than you might think. We have a focus on giant women, size play, and body exploration, but other kinks are more than welcome. We are also an LGBT and Furry friendly community.