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We are T1M3LESS Community, we are a community server that is meant for everyone to join. We range from chatting to gaming or anything in general. A non-toxic server welcoming everyone from 13+ to have a great time, possibly make new friends and/or meet new people! Our server is made just for people to interact and socialize in a possible drama-free zone, we are planning to have fun events in the future but for now we are slowing adapting to add more stuff which you can always suggest as more people join!
Snookz In Wonderland! Snookz Wonderland is a newly founded server than aims to bring everything you like in other servers into one central place! We allow for image perms and very fair rules so you do not feel restricted. What do we have to offer? 0 - Custom Server Bot 1 - Flash Giveaways! 2 - Minigames 3 - Server Currency you can spend on other things e.g Giftcards. 4 - Game-Nights! 5 - Events 6 - Self-Roles 7 - Chat Rewards 8 - Giveaways 9 - Competitions 10 - Pokecord 11 - Pokeverse 12 - Image Perms! & much much more! Have I convinced you yet? No? Hmm well why not join and find out exactly what we are about!
AlphaSquad Together we strive to help provide accounts at an affordable price to our customers We are not in this to rip people off we are in this to help people enjoy products that they otherwise would not be able to afford with discounts up to 50% or even greated. We offer many services including: +Affordable prices +Tons of vouches +Weekly Giveaways +Responsive Products ~~~ >Pornhub Premium >Crunchyroll Subscription >Nord VPN >Hulu Premium >Spotify Premium >Minecraft Accounts >WWE Accounts >Dominos Pizza (usa) We invite you to please join our server and come and chat to us, and the many happy clients that have previously purchased AlphaSquad "Cheapest and best Products Available"
A server for those weird gamers (not really)
Ton Discord is a great server to make new friends and have great fun. We do giveaways and more!
Welcoming Gaming Community. Friendly, welcoming, and humble. With Movie Nights, Game giveaways, Events and much much more to keep the herd entertained. So why not join us now!
This awesome server is a friendly, bubbling community with great chatty people and lots of exciting bots! We have daily giveaways!! (For example pokecord legendary Pokémon ;) Constant updates and activity as well as role rewards for you to progress through!! Here is the invite
An 18+ server Active and Rapidly Growing Community Custom role colors, level roles, and self assignable roles Music, Game and Economy Bots Many NSFW Sections, for all kinks! Art, Photography, Sefies, Memes...and much more Events & Giveaways
Based on the Hypesquad House update for the houses of Brilliance, Balance, and Bravery! Lots of giveaways and fun stuff! :)
Lunar Game Deals is a Discord server focused around free and discounted games! We have notification roles and dedicated channels for members to share free and discounted games that they find.
We are a community of Pokemon Battlers & Traders who are all quite into pokemon and quite friendly. Server is for all ages so doesn't matter if you're 6 or 60, come on in to our World of Pokemon!
Here, we do REAL robux giveaways, Invite Rewards, Chatting Rewards, Robux Events and many more things for you to discover if you take the decision to join. Daily giveaways! Few ping! Active, Friendly Staffs Random daily questions! No NSFW! Chatting and Invite Rewards! Great server for trading, buying and selling! Friendly Community Random Account Drop! **WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR PARTNERS!!**