Hacking Discord Servers

We basically talk about computers and memes 24/7. We have events including CTF events. No script kiddies please.
This server is great for those who are looking for hackers to work with ,beginning and looking for teachers ,and friendship.
The official server of MarkyJoe, a let's player of Fire Emblem hacks. Contains a firm moderation team so things stay civil and productive.
Hey guy's, we do cool hacking, gaming and modding for the Wii U, 3DS and more come join us and have some fun in my server. Permanent Link: https://discord.gg/GhvdSRE
Join #Anonymous for some great fun every day. Anonymous Worldwide (Exodus) is the server for Anonymous on Discord!
A fun server to do whatever you want not much rules set right now, but you can play games in here, catch neko's, send fap material, do collabs, seek out other artist, promote your self, collabs with graphic artist, chill and listen to some dope music. Or just to talk to new people and have a overall good time, there is also self assigned ranks, soon some giveaways and if you need anything online related programs for free we'll help to the best of our ability. IF you have any suggestions for the server just tell me in there. This is a fun chill server so if you're interested join up and we'll be glad to have you enjoy!
Programmers, Hackers and Community people. RD4 = Hack games. Make hacks. Learn to make hacks. Interested? JOIN!
Our server is all about HACKING, PROGRAMMING and CODING as well as the DARKNET and DEEPWEB. The server provides a place to talk about anything tech related. We just hit 2.000 Members. That is a huge number of people! For comparison, that is more than the identified number of exoplanets, on average there are about 4 millionares on this server right now, it is 38% more people than minutes of a day. 2000 is about as many stars as you can see on a clear night sky :D. Besided the joke, we have Some dope stuff on our Discord. You will find everything related to programming, social engeneering and more. We're waiting for you. Just press the Join button!
Acct Cracking | Free Accounts | Kit | Apply-Staff Learn how to crack accounts such as Hulu premium, Spotify premium, Netflix, and more.
If you are an expert pro hacker or new to the hacking scene this is your place to learn, collaborate, and thrive. We cover just about everything in the hacking niche and need more members for our community. -Website Hacking -Wireless Hacking -Electronics/Hardware -Post Exploitation -Dumps
Acct Cracking | Free Accounts | Kit | Apply-Staff | Starter kit to learning how to crack accounts such as Hulu premium, Spotify premium, Netflix, and more. Applications for Mod are now available and we need staff. For more information contact me at AcctCrack. Thanks!