Halo Discord Servers

A universe that’s a little separate from the original universe. This server is already been made and a template plus channels are already here. I’d suggest joining now as the server goes up because there is a limit on how many Spartans there can be. There’s a small lore channel in the server if you want to know more.
Welcome aboard the UNSC Athena, a Ragnarok-class dreadnought of a ship. this is a tolerable place for all,events will be brought to you by some of the moderators/admins, the character creation is pretty simple, and the roles are pretty simple
Utrone is a planet dedicated to be the centerpiece of the universe - where members of all species come together and mingle. From Mass Effect to Halo to the Furries outside the galaxy. The planet houses plenty of fun activities for its citizens ranging from game nights to roleplay to creative show and tell. No matter if you are a furry, alien, anime nerd, or even a normie Utrone welcomes all! Show your art, come rp or just sit around and chill.
To Everyone in the Disboard, I've been hosting Halo: Reach Custom Games for years, even through the transition to Xbox One. I have over 400 maps and Gametypes ready to go. Recently I made a chat on IFunny and got well over 150 members interested in receiving updates. However IFunny sucks, and that platform was garbage. I've created a Discord for anyone who still plays Reach, and is looking for a fun lobby to join in. If you * Are Genuinely interested in joining. * A Halo fan at heart looking for friends to play with * Just Curious I welcome you to join the Discord to receive updates throughout the week on when the next Lobby is being hosted. I literally made a reddit account for this. Anyways thanks for your time.
Hello, I am the Archivist. I represent the main recruiting side of the staff for Halo: Warscape. Halo: Warscape is a lore heavy roleplay based in the Halo franchise during 2531 during a theoretical battle for Harvest after the events of Halo Wars. Depending on your faction, you will either be thrown in to combat with the UNSC's Battlegroup Pacific, or serve the prophet's will as a member of the Fleet of Sacreed Consecration. Currently we are under going a large expansion and are accepting OC applications. To apply all you must do is message me your OC, and if it accept, we will work together to put it into the Halo: Warscape standard template sheet for entry into the Archives. Once that has happened you will be assigned your unit and the RP will begin for you.
A Halo DND server based around the Human-Covenant War in the Battle of Earth.
A Halo based roleplay server currently taking place during the fall of Reach. We will have events to help further the timeline and quests that players in which can participate. We hope you are willing to join and help to build a dedicated community.
Halo: The Ark is a not strict canon server with many variations of roles and factions, members can role play, discuss Halo and much more! We're looking for Halo Members both Hardcore and Casual, come join us!
Sometime after the events of halo 4, a ship called the Star Explorer is finished being repaired after being damaged during the Battle Of New Phoenix. The Star Explorer, would be picking up a fresh batch of Naval, Marine, Spartan 4’s and ODST’s Personnel to reinforce the Outer Colonies and re-establish contact with worlds that have gone dark in UNSC space. The crew of UNSC Star Explorer will find themselves at the planet of Zeus. While exploring you will encounter hostile covenant forces and an insurrectionist group. You will be stationed at an old abandoned ONI facility. You will have to work together to survive and to find out what’s really happened to the ONI personal there.
The Banished is the premier location for competitive Halo Wars 2. We have a very welcoming and professional community dedicated to providing the best competitive environment for players of all skill levels. Additionally, it is the home of Breezy's Strat School, the perfect place for newer players to learn how to improve their gameplay.
A Halo Roleplay based around naval combat in the halo universe, we allow ships from many sources including Canon, Sotp and even Fanon so you are never without choice