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“Harry Potter is dead!” Those were the four words to define the Wizardry World in May 2nd, 1998 at the Battle of Hogwarts. Contrary to the usual belief, Harry James Potter did not rose from the dead to “save” the world. Tom Marvolo Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort, was declared the Man Who Conquered among his followers and those who decided to submit to his ruling. Do you have what is needed for survival and growth? We are a very friendly community looking for new members to add up into this new kind of adventure. The storyline takes place in 2018 in a world dominated by Voldemort. It is +18 due to the dark nature of the content. The server is very new and would wish for more members before officially starting. We have interactive bots and offer a partnership system.
Welcome to The Wizarding World! »–––––《⋆✧⋆☾⋆✧⋆》–––––« This is an RP that happens after Harry Potter's kids go to school. (Approximatively 25-30 years later.) »–––––《⋆✧⋆☾⋆✧⋆》–––––« We offer: ✦ All the roles such as Death Eaters, Ministry of Magic, Muggles and even members of The Order of the Phoenix ✧OOC Chats ✦ Pet options ✧Almost all the locations including Hogsmeade, Azkaban, housing, Godric's hollow and more! ✦ Multiple classes ✧ 50+ members and growing! »–––––《⋆✧⋆☾⋆✧⋆》–––––« Come to join us today and become a wizard!
((Are you a Filipino interested in a roleplay server with magic? Inspired by Harry Potter, SIONIL MONTESSORI OF MAGECRAFT AND SCIENCE is an original roleplay server about a magic school set in the Philippines, much like Hogwarts or Ilvermorny. We only accept OCs! Please come and visit, and check out our RP info! Here's the extended intro for our server.)) Here in the glorious modern era of Philippines, unlike Western magic schools such as Hogwarts and Ilvermorny, Filipino Muggles (called matino) and Wizards coexist in harmony. The Philippines has always been quite superstitious and believed in the existence of nuno, aswang, multo, and concepts such as bulong, pagpag, and usog. To be frank, Filipino matino people wouldn’t be ignorant about that stuff. As such, the Ministry of Magic in the Philippines did not need to worry about matino people discovering them. And thus, Sionil Montessori was founded. Only wizards could enter and study, but normal people can look at its majestic gates.
Welcome to the Harry Potter RP Server! We accept and encourage OCs. What will you do at Hogwarts?
HELLO EVERYONE this is my hogwarts role play of witchcraft and wizardry where we are currently recruiting staff who have the opportunity to npc the character of their choice, even if they died in the movies/books. Here you can make friends, go on adventures, duel with others, learn magic and explore the world of harry potter in modern times!!! Also join our sans club >:3
A Harry Potter roleplay server!
Server name Hogwarts School of Witchcraft We have friendly staff channels that you can hang out in Plenty of roleplay channels and a custom story Story Takes place after the battle of Hogwarts One of the last uncaptured Death Eaters Augustus Rookwood. is claiming revenge on Hogwarts and the ministry by giving Muggles a stone that can steal a wizard’s power https://discord.gg/fGzkKbm
A small, but growing server that is mainly Hamilton centered but branches off into different topics. There are presidential elections held so that no admin can stay on for years and years with no chance of anyone else ever being promoted.
Calling all Harry Potter fans, the first ever Harry Potter discord community in the Atlanta region is here. Whether you are waiting for Harry Potter Wizard United to be released or you just want to join a community dedicated to Harry Potter, the Northeast Atlanta School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a community that you need to enlist yourself. The community aspect of this discord is huge. We will have activities and events where you will grow with the community, whether or not you plan to play the game when it comes out. Everything you do in this community will earn you points for yourself and the house that you are in. Yes, the point aspect is everything in this community. The more points you have, the more benefits you will unlock in this discord.
Hello and Welcome to the Wizarding World, we're a new discord dedication to JK Rowling's amazing wizarding world. We have roleplay and plenty of channels you can discuss anything Harry Potter and beyond. Our goal is to make a welcoming community of fans to experience this world we love so much.
Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! -Play Quidditch! -Attend Classes! -Make friends! -Earn House points! -Role-play as your OC -Answer daily Trivia!