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An art community server that's not big nor crowded. Here you can chat, meet new people, share your art, receive/give critique, share knowledge and join contests. Also topics such as Games and Memes. Have fun! (lurking is fine)
we are NOT alone and neither are you join the family of people who care and know what it's like movie nights game nights (coming soon) fun and supportive environment
Hello there! You are a programmer or you just want to be one? Then you are here completly right! You will get help, experience and fun on the Development Union! For example you just want to know how you develop your own discord bot. No Problem. You just give you the role in which language you wanna write it and you'll get some help! I hope you enjoy your time on this server!
A place for people with things on their mind You may have found us searching for a help server. What are we? We're a hangout place for people needing somewhere to talk about what's on their chest - whether that's loneliness, conditions, disorders, or just anything. Feel free to explore the channels and meet some people, and remember to be considerate of others. Please note that we are not professionals. We can talk and help each other.
โ˜…โค๏ธ~ แ•ผOแ‘ญE แ‘ŽEแ—ทแ‘Œแ’ชแ—ฉ ~โค๏ธโ˜… We are a server dedicated to helping people. We have a Friendly Staff, Artsy Channels, and alot of Hugs!! ( ' v ' ), so whether you need someone to talk to ranging from anxiety to disorders, or you just want to meet some friendly people to connect with. Feel free to drop on by anytime! (Note: we aren't professionals, nor do we claim to be professionals )
Come to make friends and talk about life. No one is judged. Everyone is welcome no matter who or what they are. People are friendly (if they aren't just dm the owner and she'll take care of them.)
The purpose and creation of this discord is for gamers and everyone to have a safe place to go to and feel better when going through their dark times .Being alone sucks, and it should suck less with people who support and relate to what you go through. I welcome everyone to this discord whether you're going through depression or anxiety or if you know a loved one and want to help them. this discord is in not in any shape an official therapy discord and if you need critical help please call 911 or the nation suicide prevention hotline 1-800-273-8255
Just a place for people who feel they don't belong anywhere else...
Discord help is an unofficial discord server for getting help with discord, creating guilds or the discord API. We are also the server for the wiki at which has lots of guides on discord.
Are you depressed? Well get your ass over to the depression club!
This is a server for everyone with issues related to their mental health or lgbtq+ topics. You can vent about all kind of topics, you are currently struggeling with or send some positive messages in the motivation channel. However, of course we can chat about other things but the focus will always be to help each other out and make friends.
Struggling with mental health? You found the right place. We offer support and advise in a safe and friendly environment