High School Discord Servers

Kaisei High School is a Slice of Life Roleplay server. It is set in a Japanese Senior School within a city. The server has undergone a major redux and we are looking for new members who would like to join. We offer: -The choice of playing a first, second or third year student. -Many roleplay channels that may be expanded on in the future. -Major events that you will have the opportunity to partake in. These include: an Opening ceremony, School festivals, etc. -A growing list of clubs to join and pportunities to participate in club activities, even having the chance to earn a position as club leader. -A range of roleplaying styles. As for length, we are quite flexible; short actions to grandiose paragraphs are commonplace. As for the person, we all write in the third. -The chance to start friendships, relationships and much more with your fellow students. The admin team is excited to revive this server and we look forward to you enrolling here at Kaisei High School!
🎉 Welcome to the Academy 🦔 ! 🎉 This is a server for students, spanning middle school to college, who would want to study/revise with others. We are a new server in the making so please excuse us for any unprofessionalism. As we are new, we don’t have proper teachers yet. But we can all help each other in any school-related work to the best of our efforts. ⭐
Herdford school is known to be full of cliques, not just those cliques of popular and losers, they're groups, you either fit in or don't. Herdford school is an Roleplay server.
Welcome to Edelweiss Institute, the ideal boarding school for the academically gifted, the wealthy, and the troubled youth! But, what is the community like? - LGBT+ friendly - Literate - No NSFW - No powers - Chill, friendly members - Roleplay channels - Chatting channels But, please keep in mind that we are a new group, so we are just getting the hang of everything. This is NOT an anime or manga group, please keep your FCs realistic!!
This is a combat-orientated roleplay with some similarities to Dungeons and Dragons. The catch? You create your own unique abilities. These abilities are balanced by Moderators (but are subject to change). Each character is unique! This is a quickly growing roleplay! We accept everyone and anyone willing to create a character! No limit on how many roleplayers may join :) The setting is a modern-day (slightly futuristic) magic high school. Every student is a magic user on their way to become a distinguished mage or scholarly wizard. Students progress through four years of high school, where they grow as an individual and as a collective. How will you live your magic high school life? Drama? Combat? You get to decide! Come to the Mana Central High roleplay to experience it!
Aesthetically pleasing server with close community and magical roleplay! Join to find out more :)
Project 117, the first and the last mutagen created by the Ypsilon Corporation. On the surface they were a medical supply distributor, but their true intentions were hidden deep within the company. It was ran by a very powerful man, Genadi Sokolov. He created the Ypsilon Corporation with hopes to find a cure to save his son from Chronic Granulomatous Disease. Sadly he was unable to prevent the disease from destroying his sons immune system and the boy passed on October 17th, 2070. Unable to cope with the sadness of losing her son, Sokolov’s wife Tanya committed suicide just a week later. The sudden pumblings from life caused Sokolov to think irrationally. He blamed the people around him for the death of his family, he didn’t believe it was an accident. He used the wealth that he had made from his business and began to create a virus that would be able to wipe all of humanity off of the planet. In 2073 Sokolov was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, he passed the CEO position to Emma Heira, who was his lead engineer of P-117 and was like a daughter to him. He brainwashed her, making her view the world as a cruel and depressing planet filled with treacherous people. She immediately accepted the position and lead P-117 to its final stages in 2081. The disease was released April 24th, 2081 and quickly spread, reaching a mortality rate of 5.4 billion on May 1st, 2081. Humanity had grown a resistance to P-117 by October of that year, with only 500 million people still alive. For some individuals the disease actually created modifications to their DNA, giving them abilities that no mortals should never be able to demonstrate. Humanity began to recolonize and rebuild civilizations, but in the anarchy many supplies were lost, this led to many wars between territories that would soon be just as scary as the disease. Those “gifted” with the DNA mutations were used as test subjects and super soldiers. Treated like animals by the normal humans these mutants began to group together and conspire. Some individuals were gifted with the power to move at the speed of light and gave to messages to other groups of mutants. It was planned that on July 7th, 2081 they would all revolt and meet in a deserted tundra in northern Russia, and so it happened, they destroyed all of the civilizations they were currently trapped within and met to create their own. It is now the year 2157 and the mutated colony has succeeded and prospered. The knowledge of the origin of our powers is only now remembered by those who lived during this war. Within this civilization is a single school, called New Horizon. It is where the children of this colony begin going at the age of 13 to discover and learn how to learn their powers. All are welcome because the only people that exist are in the bloodline of the mutated.
Welcome to Universe 017. It's not exactly like yours, not 100%. See...In this universe, Soulmates, Superheros, Werewolves, All that stuff that you can only dream about, they're all real. You might be laughing at me, You might be squealing with joy, but that doesn't make it any less or more real then it is. But, In this Roleplay, You've grown up in this universe. You don't know about Universe 004 (That's ours), But there pretty similar, other then what I just listed to you. Anyway, you might be exited about all the superheros, villains, Vampires, stuff like that, but you're probably wondering what soulmates are for... Well, You see...Everything you see is pretty much like an old movie. Black and white. Monotone. No Colors. You get what I'm saying. But if you kiss you're soulmate, you can colors. It sounds pretty simple, but you can have more then one soulmate, which could be pretty troublesome. It's now 2018, and a new law has passed that all Powered people, Supernatural creatures, and basically anything not human to be taken away. Now people are walking around with secret's on what they are, Who they like, and where they come from. This server mainly focuses on Action, Drama, Romance, and Mystery, but a few other genres can be thrown in there if needed.
A RP where you live out a realistic second life. You are a citizen of a Californian suburb in modern time. From fight clubs to coffee shops, the world is yours. Are you a child? A teenager? An adult? Are you educated? What kind of job do you have? What do you look like? What do you identify as...? These are the questions you ask yourself when you enter this neighborhood. And when you do, you can be anyone..do anything (within realism of course).
Welcome to Newton High. We are here to unite multiple species for peace. In the school, you are placed in random houses to compet with other houses to become the top. You are also allowed to live in a dorm or a house. Everyone is friendly to each other. (Warning: The Owner is a yandere.) Please come and enjoy the server. Unite.
This is an academy for those that have been chosen and sent here, your body is not sent but instead your mind you chose what you look like gender age race etc. You will be trained here and once your training is done sent on into the multiverse to become the hero you are destined to be!
Are you a monster? Are you want to go to a school full of monsters? Than you are at the right spot. Sign in today for Allentias School for the gifted and enjoy an nice RP experience with a bunch of funny people that want to have fun.