Homestuck Discord Servers

hello and welcome to the chill zone server! i made this server as a chill fun safespace for those who need it. in the server we have 3 different sections, homestuck, anime, and detroit become human. we also have a variety of bots, and we also host anime/movie nights too! you can earn different role tiers by being more active, and you can make new friendos! we also have roleplay sections for each fandom, and we hold a homestuck night once a week! i hope to see you there! ~Admin Nepeta
A place to come and just chit chat about homestuck!
A chill server for nerds n' shit to talk and hang out^^ i just want friends-
Hey there! We're currently seeking Mind, Heart, and Hope players for our SBURB RP! Come and check us out if that's something you may be interested in!
Hey!! Please read rules and regulations for this flash to the past of what we like to refer as the wonderful hell of Homestuck!
A group of homestuck fans That humbly invite you to join
Come on over to this server! we're a homestuck/humanstuck/asylumstuck based rp server! we're a small growing community, and appreciate everyone who joins! we have 3 moderators as of right now, and were all very kind! come on down!
This server is the discord for Chara's Sin Kingdom on kik. It's for literate role-players, anyone interested in homestuck and undertale and anyone wanting to join a tight knit community of filthy sinners and gamers.
A roleplay set in the Homestuck Universe. Set in Vashir: a backwater Alternian colony in the middle of nowhere.
Want to roleplay as your fantroll/human? Are you sick of looking through a sea of dead rps? Well you've come to the right place. (Probably) We offer a friendly rping environment for all the fantrolls/humans. We have OOC chats, auto role assignment, meme bots, and of course roleplaying channels. We may be small now, but we hope to get more members so this new server will be bustling with life. Note: Please keep all pailing to your hives/homes. (Or DMs)
A multi fandom server for everyone! Share art, make friends, and just hang out c: (The icon is my gecko...its temp)