Inflation Discord Servers

H.O.T.T. (Haven of the Tummy) Features: Channels for IRL, Art, Furry, Feedism, and more Private Channels for Male and Female Orientations Erotic Roleplay Collected List of Current and Active associated erotic servers
A place to share your kinks and fantasies!! No shaming here and there’s plenty of tums as well!!
Do you have a belly fetish? Well we’ve got just the place for you!
We are a server all about Vore and other nsfw stuff! We are friendly and brand new! Join us and have fun!
Kinky furry oriented server surrounding mostly inflation and fats. Theres several sfw and nsfw rooms as well as roleplay channels if that interests you. I hope to make it a relatively chill and open community for other furs with similar interests to come together and just overall have a good time.
This server is where you can get your belly fantasies out there! You can rp, share your art, get your commissions out, and so much more!
Welcome to The bloated roleplay! We are a erp server focused on inflation roleplay. Right now we are baren and empty so fill us up with suggestions for story and roleplay!
Server for sharing smut, finding ERP partners, and having a general good time. Normal non-Inflation (and all related kinks) smut is accepted and shared too, and more is uploaded almost everyday. Join the ranks of those who wish to grow their NSFW folders even more, and help others do the same!
In this great, peaceful Land lies the Kingdom of Inflatopia, where the Balloon citizens thrive under the New King and fellow Royals who rule fair and justly. Here, you can expect lots of Inflation to be going on, 24/7! Well, most of the time anyways. We are Furry focused, too! Not your thing? What a shame! You might be missing out.
A server for people who love body inflation, weight gain, breast expansion, giantess, vore, etc. We have lovely voice actresses that read fetish audio books and even dub some sexy animations!