Insanity Discord Servers

This is a FFA server where everyone gets admin
Welcome to the Asylum! A roleplay server. Hope you'll be staying a while "Hello? Is this thing on? Ah, good. Welcome to the asylum! For some of you, you're ready to get to work helping these unfortunate beings. Others... well, you've been admitted here, some against your will and others not so. Do not fret, we take care of our staff and inmates alike! Now, if your an inmate, you're probably thinking of escaping..... Well. This facility is on it's own little island you see, water as far as the eye can see. You came here by boat, you'd have to leave by boat. Which I very much doubt you'd be able to even get to with our guard towers. Escape is futile, just breath in deeply and be cooperative, trust me, it'd be much better in the long run. We're simply here to help you! Thank you and we hope you are cooperative during your stay. We can handle you if you're not anyway"
Welcome to Lilly’s Place Of Insanity theres only three rules and that’s fucking it we have personal roles spam and a few bots have fun when ya join because it’s my hell.