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Caffeine && Code is a community-driven Discord server about programming. We support a multitude of different languages including Assembly, C++, Haskell, JavaScript and Swift.
Das ist der Support Server von einen Discord Bot.
A place for programmers to talk and help each other , a place for bot developers , game creators , website developers and gamers. We will promote any of your project like websites , games , apps , bots , plugins , everything. We are looking for staff members for more please join server and contact us. Apply for moderator here :
A cool discord server for people who want to talk about programming, get help with programming, talk about modding, and more
Code_NB serves as an online community and resource for coders, developers, programmers—whatever your designation. We also help link together the other active groups in the province. We'll discuss training options, how should someone get started, industry trends, local coding related topics and more. Whether you are in school, looking at a job change, or a working professional—join the conversation today.
This is a discord server what offers a bot and bot hosting for cheap and a free bot to add to your server the bot has alot of things to offer for you Website link : , come join and see what we can do and what we offer is good for some poeple dont know how to host bots so we offer it for them with full ssh access and file upload so yer enjoy
Welcome to the Code Country(CC), small but growing community! You may wonder, what do we offer? I'm glad you asked, because there are a lot of things that may interest you in our server! - Special chats for all sorts of programmings languages - Bunch of self-assignable roles and off-topic channel - Great place to promote your content, such as YouTube videos - You can share your work with others, or find someone who is willing to help you - Share your PC and configuration and compete with others And so many more things incoming, as we grow! What are you waiting for, come and join!
Welcome to our server! Here you can test our custom bots which are 24/7 and if you want, you can invite them for fun in your own guild!
Created in 2016, we're an active community around various programming languages, operating systems, as well as hardware, security, and low-level programming.