Jokes Discord Servers

A Chill server with contests, self-assignable roles, crews, leveledroles, music etc. Oh and we have no rules, do what you want.
Hentai Hell is a hentai server. Duh. We joke around a lot, so if you get offended easily, just don't join. If you like to joke around a lot then join, we love people like you. We can talk about most topics, hentai gaming, etc. If you epic gamers want to join go ahead. Let's have fun in Hell. *wink emoji*
This Sever is all about chatting, fun & making friends all over the world WHAT WE ARE OFFERING? +Music bot +Memes section for Fresh Memes. +Selfie channel +Self-assignable-roles +Art-Stuff Section +Nsfw Roles for those who want to have access to the NSFW section. +Variety of Color Roles Hope you will Join Our Crew ;)
Just a fun community of gamers! we love to talk about everything lol! So come on DOWN and join the fun!
This Server Is Just Basically For Fun Use Find Out More In Rules Channel When You Join!
If you like edgy jokes and anime then join this server
We are a partly communistic themed server. We accept all people of all backgrounds, we also have lots of channels for everyone! We have one on one voice chats, NSFW, and much more!
Cult of the round table, only vetted members will be allowed, secret society. Pizza cult.
Need E-Homies quick? You should prolly join Kuta Cult. We have a ton of active members, and are looking for members that can take and make jokes. We also have high quality music and raid protection, join us now if you don't got ligma.
Welcome aboard onto this meme of a Trainwreck! As our meme channel is labeled as NSFW post any meme you want! Man, writing this sure just buttered me crossant!