Jrpg Discord Servers

A server to find other people playing Dragon Quest games, from the main series to the obscure spin-offs!
My dead inside server is where you talk about anime, gaming, music, etc. We welcome all edgy edgylords. Please come join. I hopefully you enjoy our server.
A server with random people and my friends. This was particulrarly made to be cringy, neither it's holy church of morals. Just chat, share, (shit)post, cringe and inhumane. The only rules - don't post something that covers more than 2 scrolls at once and don't behave like an angsty teenager or stalk people.
Welcome to MegaTen! We are mainly focused around Persona, but have many other MegaTen games as well! We are open, and have a friendly staff. Please join us and talk about your favorite MegaTen games. <3
Welcome to Seven Sisters High! We are a Shin Megami Tensei/Persona discord! We hope we can build a great and big community
Are you a nerd for Kingdom Hearts? Well so are we, we're kinda a breed of our own, yaknow. Interested? Join! If not, oh well. If you're new to this series cuz your like uncultured or something, don't worry, we're experts, we can help.