Kids Discord Servers

This Server is Great for you if u want to Chill, Relax, play games, We also have cool bots Even bots with games. Perfect for Chilling and hanging out
This server is for anyone 17 and under! Anyone older will be kicked out! Or banned. Just started so not that many people but help me grow it into a chat thats for all teens and tweens🌺 hopefully you end up joining! Just a chat for good vibes bored people and place for making friends with people your age:) Thx😇
We are very professional, and qualified, to help children and young people, who have gone through Sexuality Incidents, our staff Are experiencing, to chat to the children and young people, who comes. With 24hrs Help and support. SERVICES LISTED BELOW 24HRS Administration, and Information. PARTNERSHIPS We are looking for partnerships. APPLICATIONS Applications are currently closed, keep an eye on our twitter page, they will be announced when we open them.
Here at M2 fortnite we are an active, friendly community. Our goal is to help people have fun and take their minds off whatever troubles they had that day. We host giveaways regularly, and we also play many other games besides fortnite, for example csgo, minecraft or COD. We are a close knit group and always play with each other whenever we can.We hope to see you on our server! 😃
This is extremly cancerous, only join at your own risk fuckers.
-17 AND UNDER ONLY PLEASE Welcome all to my server OwO This is a server made by teens for teens yall. Atm its pretty active but there will most likely be someone on for you to talk to. THIS IS NOT A DATING COMMUNITY! DO NOT COME HERE EXPECTING TO GET A GIRL YOU THIRSTY BOI!
a gaming/chill server filled with immature but enjoyable kids. join at your own disposure