Lgbtq Discord Servers

This server is a dating server for (13-18 year olds. But we also enjoy gaming and this place is a chill lounge for anyone to come and join us! Think of this place as a second home because all your friends will be here!! Never be afraid to talk to us. Have fun
HI! this server is a fun way to interact with new people who want new friends! i hope you enjoy your time here!
Now.. You may be thinking to yourself. Why should I join this server? - LGBTQ+ Friendly - Custom Emotes - Special Roles - Friendly Community - Anime - NSFW - Gaming - Music - Partnerships - And much more! What're you waiting for? Click the button!
We are a community looking to have new friends join us, whether you're part of the LGBTQ+ Community or if you just support it. We just want a place where people can come together and make new friends.
a safe for all cute community. everyone is accepted and welcomed with hugs and love
Welcoming Gaming Community. Friendly, welcoming, and humble. With Movie Nights, Game giveaways, Events and much much more to keep the herd entertained. So why not join us now!
Open to everyone in the LGBT community as well as everyone not in the LGBT community!
Milktea LGBT is a LGBT safezone for people 13+. We're fairly new, so please stop by and check us out! We have plenty of chats like music chats, vent chats, and pokecord. (SEEKING ADMINS FOR DISCORD AND OUR INSTAGRAM!)
Gay Inclusive is a Discord server for LGBTQ+ gamers, and those who support us. We鈥檙e building a community for colorful members from all over. While the focus is on growing the LGBTQ+ community, all are welcome. We hope to grow and thrive, and have many years of fun with all who join. We have adopted the community covenant to maintain a healthy, and happy community. The covenant can be read here:
Slow's Hideout is a friendly place for everyone to come and chill. We have a level up system for getting more roles and we have a friendly community of Dead by Daylight players and others! Everyone is welcome to join.
Our goal at Project Rainbow is to provide a safe, friendly, enjoyable, harassment free space for anyone apart of the LGBTQ+ community. We鈥檙e a small server right now, but our hopes is to expand into something much bigger and better!(edited)
Welcome! We are a friendly community for all LGBTQ+ peeps, and Allies! We have some fun channels, as well as more serious support channel. All are welcome in our discrimination free Safe Haven.