Lofi Discord Servers

We are a server that enjoys Lofi and Chill Beats and Vibes. Come on Up to the Rooftop, We love seeing New People and hope you come and join us. Monthly Events, Xp Upgrades and Much More
Hypnosa was created for anybody and everybody. Come chill with us.
A chill server for people looking for friendly community. 24/7 Lofi Radio is available!
This server is completely free for all. I am currently the only one on this server (: but I am hoping to build it to a much larger scale. We welcome everyone no matter who they are (unless you use xD) and I am strict to stick to my rules which are very few.
Après un an d'absence, nous voilà de retour, tout va si vite et tout est beau pour qui possède les bon yeux. Viens chiller avec nous! https://discord.gg/d2UBQ36
Clairo is a new server looking to grow and form a friendly and active community. We take all suggestions into consideration as we are always looking to improve. Everyone's welcome.
FLAMINGOOOOOOOO JOIN NOW MATE! OR ELSE FLAMINGO WILL ATTEMPT TO ATTACK YOU!!!! Never ending invite link🙃 https://discord.gg/FztDvs
Centered around lo-fi and gaming, almost all of us are teenagers, and super friendly. stay a while :)
Discord server for those who want to sit, chill, feel out for a bit and become friends. Nobody is unwelcomed. Invite: CjaNTBA
our computer garden is a place to find other and bloom as a person. We have a small, but welcoming community and we'd be very happy for you to come aboard! We a large selection of text and voice channels to find your friends much easier. Don't be shy, come join us now!
We are here for those who like small communities where your text wont get lost in a wave of feed, All the people on are nice, and fun to talk to. We have a Large variety of channels and basic rules. Come check us out at least.
A vaporwave/lo-fi aesthetic server with a community of users that love discussing, playing, and watching games, movies, music, anime, etc.