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~THE STORY OF ZAFISTIA~ The great creators of the world Zafista has casted among their first goddess, their first born being that walked among the land. For she was the child of them, and she had became the founder of all lands, the creator of man and creature, as well as the mother of all Gods and Goddesses. Yet in time, all of the children of that goddess were raised in a different perspective. Made in purpose of violence, balance, peace and more.. her children rose to an occasion of shaping the world the way it is in the current time. From wars to murders to rightful events that may cause either the cursed winter fate or the great spring life of the world.. and to death of those of importance. Though thousands of years earlier did one of her children cause ruin and chaos among kingdoms, seas, and more... and despite her efforts she had no choice but to seal her away into an abyss. Ever since that day has the world gone to peace, but what is a world without destruction and madness? ~THINGS ABOUT THE SERVER~ - Memes :3 - Come along to chat with the owner about the lore and more - OOC Rp - ERP being limited only twice a week - Yes, NSFW channel for NSFW pics. (No erp in there please!) - Upcoming updates for the events at time, as well as new additions - Free ideas from you guys - Possible custom roles?
The Sith Empire is always open to new Acolytes to train and meditate under the dark side of the force, we always wanna have fun and hold a serious to semi-serious role-play among our numbers, we'd enjoy to have you among us and create your legacy with us. Join us and harvest the true power of the Dark-side!
This is a deep lore post apocalyptic roleplay server i spent the entirety of two days making, With missions, raid bosses, ever increasing roleplay locations, characters, stats, roles, ayana bot, music and general vc, tons of races, great writing capabilities and so much more! Desolate World features a juicy story which you yourself can add to! Come join the Post Apocalyptic Desolate World!
A brand new fantasy rp server (Made public November 4th). In the land of the dragons, as it is now called, the races of man and mer hang on by a single fingernail, in constant fear of death by the scaly dragons that have eradicated a large majority of the world. Below is a snippet of the lore, a full lore doc os provided in the server. Many of the humanoid races - the cunning yet tiny beings - reigned over the supercontinent for essentially countless years. The ones that did not rule took to small communities of tribes. They were nigh-unchallenged by nature, and fearing nearly nothing. Their kings and queens sat safely in their castles, princes and princesses seated even more safe in their laps, fearing only other humanoids. This all changed a few hundred years ago when a large, lizard-like creature with even larger wings surfaced from behind the largest mountain range known to all; the Draco Mountains, a range which no sentient being had ever been passed, and rained death and fire over the inhabitants of the supercontinent. Hope to see you there!
A custom medieval fantasy rp server with friendly staff and interesting plot.
Here on planet Scilluken, you've got your normal races and your normal RP rules. If you looking for a simple RP server that requires little pre-RP work, then this is the place for you!
Phora Bay. A costal city the likes of which you have never seen. A place where the impossible, quickly becomes the possible. Where an average nobody can be somebody. Where your actions actually matter on a larger scale. In this world, everyone has their own goals. From survival, to conquest, and to living life to it's fullest. There's no limit to the different kinds of people you'll meet in this world dictated by power. So, how will you effect this world? Will you be a charming hero looking to save the day? Or a madman bent on laying waste to all he sees? The choice is yours, and yours alone. Welcome, to the land of power. Welcome, to Phora Bay.
In order to help with logistics and other resources the SCP Foundation has created a new facility layout under the project name: "The Composite Facility Protocol". This new layout connects all SCP facilities through various means such as Space/Time distortion, teleportation, and simply interconnected catacombs underneath all of the facilities. Every facility that would present too much of a risk if connected to this infrastructure has been left alone. Otherwise the entirety of the Foundation has conformed to this new layout. There's just a few.... problems that need to be sorted out now. - This is a SCP roleplay pasted on the wiki, we expect you to have some kind of an understanding of SCP, and a hard stomach for long info, but everyone will be welcome! -This server is 18+
💫 Welcome to the Town of Sihili! 💫 • Sihili is a roleplay with a lore that is constantly being developed by me and by the rest of the staff here, and that has been worked on for over two years! • ⭐️ All members are welcome, as long as they follow all of the rules! ⭐️ All suggestions are welcome here, and if you ever want to make plans for your characters so you can be more involved then feel free to PM me. ⭐️ Be sure to read the pinned messages in <#449765562810105858> for some plot! • Enjoy your time at Sihili! May the wind guide you~ •
Welcome to Ilezura. My name is Avellin, and I will be your guide here. Ilezura is a world full of lore and species. You may create your own characters and interact with others. Participate in roleplay, create art, or any other number of activities. The world of Ilezura is always changing. More species will be found or created, new variations may be discovered, new cities may be founded. The story of the world changes as well, as the community learns more. With these, there will always be something available to do. We hope you enjoy your stay here in Ilezura.
Feel free and join a peaceful community of Fire Emblem fans. In this server we; Have fully fan made lore. Have a few fan classes that are also mixed up with older classes. Accept fan made characters. Are clean from NSFW.