Loving Discord Servers

Join my server to talk and make friends. My server will accept everyone. Doesn’t mater what kind of things you like, there will always be someone with the same taste as you.Talk about. Anime,Memes,Games and any other things you want in the lobby. Help my server grow and support it. ENJOY!
🌹D'S Dating Server 🌹 A just started dating server ready to grow! We have: - Chats - Self-roles - Games - E-girls - Nice Owner :) And we are adding more things! https://discord.gg/GuhKEg7
Welcome to Otaku Den... I'm Meg, or Anubis... I'm a very sweet/sour person and it depends on how you treat me... I'm online A LOT and I sing a lot, too. I draw a lot and my boyfriend, Alan does a lot of photography and (kind of) nsfw drawings, but there'll be a channel for that. See you in the server~!
this is a chill server so come chill with us.
hi, vendetta is just a chill server for friends. peace&love.
this is a work in progress server that could be improved and worked on by all just give suggestions and il consider them your owner red
Hoi this is Blaze the owner of the server I'm looking to grow the server and to build an amazing community yesh there are people from all different background; bonys and pegisisters all welcome simple rules are to be nice we don't judge you on your pony as we love seeing the creations till we meet~love Blaze.
we have many topics and channels for every taste! We are family friendly and non-nsfw.
Here anyone that’s lgbtq+ or is wondering about they’re sexuality or gender can come and be part of a loving community!