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The Island 〚A new Fantasy Roleplaying Server where your imagination is the limit! ✨〛 ✧ 20+ channels for Roleplaying :heart: ✧ Various types and powers to choose from 🔮 ✧ Active plot and events to come 😄 ✧ Friendly and active staff 🔥 ✧ Multiple VC and OOC channels :speech_left: Well, what's holding you back? Join our community!
“Harry Potter is dead!” Those were the four words to define the Wizardry World in May 2nd, 1998 at the Battle of Hogwarts. Contrary to the usual belief, Harry James Potter did not rose from the dead to “save” the world. Tom Marvolo Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort, was declared the Man Who Conquered among his followers and those who decided to submit to his ruling. Do you have what is needed for survival and growth? We are a very friendly community looking for new members to add up into this new kind of adventure. The storyline takes place in 2018 in a world dominated by Voldemort. It is +18 due to the dark nature of the content. The server is very new and would wish for more members before officially starting. We have interactive bots and offer a partnership system.
Welcome in kind to the Newest Fairytail Server! (No canon only oc) The year is X925, Fairytail, Sabertooth, Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus have been disbanded for almost 100 years as peace has been a blessing in the country of Fiore since the fall of Zeraf and Acnologia a few years later. But since we are coming up on the 100 anniversary of their passing trouble is stirring once again. It seems new Characters will have to rebuild these fallen Guilds to there once famed glory once again and save the world from the Darkness of the reborn and even stronger then before Tartaros. What the sever haves to offer. >>> A server that will slowly grow and have fun. >>>We have a color bot to add fun new colors to roles. >>>Being a Small Server your treated fairly and not just another member. >>>Great staff, friendly non toxic atmosphere. >>> Lots if roles with places to roleplay and opportunity to grow >>>Opportunity to help staff the server. >>>Plenty of upcoming events and a current free roam
Hunters. The name of Humans who have been blessed by the Gods, essentially becoming demigods for they are more than mere men but less of a divine being. Tasked to originally slay Demons that spawn in the depths of the ground like fragments of a nightmare, snuffing out the numbers to preserve humanity. Time passed where the number of greater demons dwindle and only lesser ones spawn, the Gods have no need for humans or the Hunters. War broke out between Gods and Man, both sides losing numbers that the only solution is to escape the world and into a new one. This world is named Gaea, Humanity's home. Gaea is a world of Monsters, Demons, Magic mixed with the progressive technological advances of a modern future clashed with the early stages of civilizations, living along side with creatures like elves, mythical beasts and enormous violent animals that give Hunters a new purpose to simply slay demons, of course there are also occasional terrors spawning from the ground that Hunters take care of, though they are no longer alone doing it. Humanity grew with the hunters, with most of humanity now born with the ability to cast magic or harness the energy that makes magic in the first place known as Mana, an energy source that existed back then but only flourished and be well known to the world of Gaea now to be seen as now part of nature and in turn be seen as a scientific fact and now a part of life. More intelligent creatures like Elves, Orcs, Dwarves and many others have grown with Humanity in this infant world and be either seen as an enemy, ally or neutral to humanity, This infant world has not even reached a millennium but it has advanced and went through a lot of events for humanity, Monster hunting, wars against races, Heroes and Villains are born, Adventurers exploring new lands and making a name for themselves from their exploration to not only increase knowledge of the new world but also making it more of a home for humanity. Gaea. Now reaching a Millennium in a few more decades; Humanity's home; World of Monsters, Demons, and Hunters. [Extreme Apologies if it is a long introduction for this place. Because there are alot more to read for those who are interested in a fantasy world along with some elements of RPGs like DND and other fantasy games. Have a look! this is still a new Channel and only recently me and a few friends have decided to expand to a different source for people interested in Anime-inspired Roleplays.]
Past As time began to move forward from the past and to the present, the future started to unfold. As the world kept on its course, a stellar object which contained large amounts of alien energy soared through space before it plummeted through the atmosphere and struck Greenland. The impact caused most of Greenland to be destroyed, but the materials from the impact and the object were priceless. They contained limitless amounts of energy that would never run out where all the countries began to fight over. As greed consumed the earth, on January 7th, 2020, World War 3 occurred. All the global powers of the world that obtained the Etherium began investing their money into creating Mechs, giant machines that ran off of the unusual energy. They were each comparable to fifty men, some were powerful enough to be compared to a whole army. The war continued for years until September 27th, 2030, where the United States of America, Britain, and Russia had obtained a refined version of etherium which was twice as more efficient. But much worse. Other countries began to use it and created missiles with them, and without testing them they immediately launched them off at other countries. The missiles worked, but some of them detonated before launch and caused massive damage. They were much worse than the past bombs that were made, causing even worse radiation effects and changing people drastically, giving them powers or turning them into monsters. The detonations even changed the mechs, making most of them go berserk or shutting some of them down. On the 30th, the berserk mechs started their onslaught of mankind by first building factories to create more berserk mechs. Present And after many years leading up to April 4th, 2104, most of mankind had been wiped out by the mechs but a few empires had been built up from the humans and the rest of mankind became nomads and most of the wildlife of the earth had been irradiated or infected by the radiation. And the world began taking its course. But unusually, the earth had shrunk to 1/3rd its size due to the radiation of the several years of the detonations. No Future
An ancient voice calls to you, speaking of an old prophecy laid onto the lands of Hemithea. Darkness blooms within the crevices of the earth, and soon it will take over the all that we hold dear. Will you be a champion of the darkness, the one to overcome all, or give in to the depths of destruction, and find yourself a new life unlike any horror you've ever seen? Welcome to the Hemithea! It is a new medieval dark fantasy RP with a vast array of magic and deep lore. Here, you decide which story will unfold, who will prevail, and who will fall. ERP is permitted, but it is not the main focus of the RP. Members 18+ are the recommended age range for this server.
Current member count: 19 LEMURIA is a multi-fandom rp in a historical fantasy setting where canon characters and OCs are equally welcome. We have an open, original world to explore, a growing set of factions for characters to align themselves with (optional), and a friendly, meme-loving bunch of writers. We are all 18 OR OLDER, not specifically for sexual content, but so that no one has to be uncomfortable around sensitive themes. Come join us! Plot summary: Lemuria is a continent that is thought by many to have once existed in our world. Some theorise that it holds the same fate as the lost city of Atlantis, sleeping at the bottom of the sea; some that over hundreds of thousands of years, it eroded away; others, still, that the Lemurian people had angered the Gods, and the earth opened up to drag them all into hell below. What our world doesn't know is that Lemuria lives and breathes well above the ocean floor. In a parallel world linked to others only by threads, the Goddess Tempora rules the continent for her amusement, plucking beings from all walks of life around the universe to live in the centre of an endless ocean, where the forests are lush, the mountains are vast, and the people born and raised in one of its many settlements haven't a clue of the worlds that lie beyond the occasional rift in space and time. At the edge of the western forest lies a grand and silent castle, empty for hundreds of years. Locals refer to it as the House of Moirai, after the tangled web of fates that stumble through those doors, stolen from their original destinies. You begin in the House of Moirai, where, after opening a seemingly innocuous door in your world, you were pulled into Lemuria by the collar of your shirt. That door shuts behind you, and when you open it again, hoping to go back, to go home, you find only one of the hundreds of rooms in the vacant castle, all trace of the rift that had taken you gone. Tempora chose you. Now where will you go?
A brand new pagan chat for newbies and sages alike. Join us in one of or many discussion topics, our hop into a group meditation. 15+ only!
Phoenicia is the perfect image of a small town with a cozy atmosphere, a close community, and of course, various monsters in the woods. This town resides in a world where the supernatural is widely known about to all. Orcs, elves, dwarves all roam the streets freely while magic is available to the public. Everyone here is just trying to live, and hopefully carve out a living in the little town founded by Phoenixes. Join this server if you're a fan of slice-of-life RP, fantasy, urban fantasy, and relaxing, small town interactions. Server features include but are not limited to: -A variety of races to choose from, with the ability to make new ones. -Friendly and helpful staff. -Chats for memes, art, or just chilling. -A detailed system of magic. -Tons of locations to explore. -No character limit. -Monsters.
This is an RP server with a complex magic system, so if you plan on joining be ready for some prep. We prefer intermediate RPers but anyone is welcome (if they make a decent sheet). The magic is balanced so combat should be fair and if we find you trying to be OP we will cry.
Hello! This is The Acres :deciduous_tree:! A friendly roleplay server for all your friends! What do we have to offer? Well, I'll tell you! We offer: ◼️ Roleplay, ◼️ Helpers, ◼️ A wide range of character choice, ◼️ And many plots you can follow on! Come join today, and you surely wont regret it!
╔════════════════════════╗ 。☆✼★━━━━━━𝙎𝙄𝙇𝙏𝙃━━━━━★✼☆。 ╚════════════════════════╝ Welcome to Silth , a magical place where you can create your own Champion. Here in Silth we have races, classes, guilds, mini bosses, quests, and currency. In SIlth we take suggestions from our members and we also accept any servers that want to partner. Does this part of the ad interest you? If not here's a sample from our lore Uchu decided to create races as he did in the previous world, but these races would be better than before. Uchu let his creative genius out and he created multiple beings, and with the creation of these begins came needs for every single one of them, so Uchu created even more landscapes to appease them. Uchu also decided that these beings would need a way to defend themselves in their times of need, so he distributed his power across the land, which also changed the landscape even more. The power that Uchu distributed was a pretty capable power of course, for it allowed these beings to develop a power of their own, and thus came the forbidden abilities. Like our Sample? Then you should join, if not you should give us a chance -The lore was made by the bad writing skills gang We need more bio balancers, and a lot of positions are open.