Manga Discord Servers

tempat melarikan diri dari kehidupan nyata (under developement, tapi silakan berkunjung buat lihat2)
ANIME WORLD A new server that welcomes all anime/manga fans! w have a few working bots that can play music, do self-assignable roles and just make the server fun! we also have two teams, owo and uwu that are made to play games against each other in a non-hostile way!
Welcome to a sailor moon themed server!~ We are a small server trying to gain members and improve our server as a whole. Our age range is 13+ which means anyone that uses discord can join. If you were wondering we have amazing and caring staff, great bots and a cute layout. Invite your friends and enjoy your stay! We also have a NSFW category for our 18+ members. I hope you join and make it your most here bye!~
We're mostly made out of otakus who both enjoy playing games and watching anime together~~ List of what we have! • Friendly Staff Members • Active! (Sorta ... so pls help us regain this status :3 ) • Events (Anime Nights / Gaming Nights, Karaoke and more~) • A single NSFW channel • JSDF Ranks / Roles! • Channels for you to share all kinds of things! • Music~~ • Friendly members! (I think?)
We're a virtual family, the one you never had but always wanted, if there are any problems then you can go there and even vent, We like anime Games and are very are welcoming, it's a safe place to chill, chat, team up and make friends. It would be a pleasure for you to join our Discord!
Hey there role-player! Welcome to Degrassi! Come on down here, we have custom chars to be made, wonderful active staff and even PETS!
A friendly, fresh and aesthetic discord server themed around kyoto, come on over and you will meet amazing people and you will definitely enjoy yourself with us.
We're a new server looking for more members! This is a JoJo rp set in Morioh but not the Morioh that you know. Morioh is our template that we welcome you to interact with as we make our own JoJo adventure!
Hello! UwU Do you like making new friends? Do you like watching anime or reading manga? This is the perfect discord server for you! Share your favorite anime's, Make friends, have fun! I hope i see you there! hehe owo
♡We have cute non toxic behavior ♡If you get offended easily recommend you not join ♡I'm not a toxic owner nor am I a bad one ♡There will be over 20+ emojis soon ♡partnering with servers of ANY size ♡Honest and accepting community
[ENG/ESP/PORT] Servidor brasileiro para pokecord. Eventos, ginásios, elite e novos cargos. New server for pokecord, with gyms, elite four, events, self assignable roles, color roles, spam for pokemon and more.
An awesome community channel where you can make many friends and chat to other people. Ask for help in any topic and play games with others.