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In a time where all known heroes and villains have vanished, the question soon becomes, who will fight? Who will lead? Who will protect planet Earth? Welcome to Marvel: The Descendants Due to an unknown force, all active and recognized superheroes and supervillains vanished. They left behind the ones they loved, a public confused and frightened, and the next generation who were far from ready to take their place. With countless threats just around the corner, the weight of the world now rests on the shoulders of The Descendants.
We are a server about Marvel and DC, We roleplay a lot and talk about both companies We have serious and funny talks!
As the Avengers neared the end of the Infinity War against Thanos, instead of them winning, Thanos had one last idea to reset the Marvel Universe and remaking everything, but by doing so he died as well. By snapping his fingers, he erased all of the Avengers and Villains from existence, but ended up creating new ones to take their place with similar powers, abilities, and mindsets. This has opened up new possibilities for the Avengers and Villains, with a flood of new powers and versions of old Marvel characters. Some of these characters retain the same last names and abilities as the old Avengers and Villains, but they bring new powers to the fight of the Heroes vs Villains. The new counterparts of the old heroes are younger than before, so the Avengers haven't been established yet.
Welcome to Of Monsters and Marvel! Set in an alternate universe where the people living in the universe of Marvel can, at random, inexplicably turn into creatures of mythology, we are a canon only RP server which aims to have fun for everyone involved. It's not strictly MCU compliant, nor comic compliant. Each interpretation of the character is up to the writer as a whole, and inspiration can be taken from anywhere. The controversy around the topic of 'non-humans' are to be another ripple of conflict in the world of superheroes, villains, aliens, and more... We have: - Up to 3 canon characters per user! - Literate writing - Creative freedom to tweak the plot and lore of your character to your will
Welcome! This is a role play server for any marvel fan or even if your not your welcome to join our fun!
Hi!! I'm Mycroftlovescake and The Marvel Bunch is looking for new members! On our server you can do many things like taking care of our discord pet snake, joining our blookclub, listening to music or even roleplaying on the private channels! The server is SFW but cursewords and stuff are allowed, we are very laid back and simply don't care about all that stuff a lot. We also have the option to level up and gain roles, they unlock new channels and colours, it's very fancy! Looking forward to meeting you!!
Its The end For everyone D.C. And Marvel Worlds have Combined Its up Too The Super heroes Too Stop the Super Villains Lurking Eaitger Become a Justice league Member or an Avenger or an X-Men The voice is yours You can create or Choose a Character From The comics or Movies
Searching for a LITERATE MARVEL rp? You've come to the right place! Here, you get to rp, meet new friends, and have tons of fun! There will be events and tons of interaction! So come join this server and have a blast!
..:: Detective Marvel Comics ::.. What a silly name, right? Are you tired of wanting to join mixed comic servers, but only finding ones with certain plots or dumb rules? What about those servers that are still bumped, despite being inactive? Not here. Detective Marvel Comics is a brand-new, young, looking-for-literate-roleplayers server that combines both DC and Marvel, no hassle, no main plotline required! • New Server: Your favorite characters are most likely open! • 2 Characters Max for now, but this is subject to change. • Experienced roleplayers who know what they’re doing. • Need to vent? Have memes you want to share? Do it! (Just make sure you’re not gonna offend someone. That would suck.) • No OCs allowed. Hop on in and get started today!
Requies is a Superhero RP server (with some Sci-Fi elements), primarily focused on Marvel and DC, however, numerous other universes and canons are permitted to be utilized within the server, and we even allow OCs. What we offer: Different acts to progress the storyline. Darker storyline. A more sci-fi focused plot. Must be 13+ to join. Experienced roleplayers wanted.
Journey to a world where universes collide! Characters from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Overwatch, and more all co-exist alongside one another. Epic stories will unfold! Anything is possible - Deathstroke could duke it out with Iron Man, Superman could go fisticuffs with Thor - You name it, it could happen. We're also taking suggestions for additional universes to include! Another amazing part of this server is the fact that it's all one single roleplay universe. There's multiple roleplaying channels for organization, but it all takes place in the same plot. What do you say? Will you venture into Godfall? *Disclaimer:* Original characters are permitted, but must be approved by the server's staff.