Mass_effect Discord Servers

The mass effect trilogy all done in one server. Oc's are welcome and there are plenty of canon characters. We welcome all oc's and species so feel free to use your own characters! We are welcoming of everyone and anyone, so don't feel nervous!
This RP is set in the mass effect universe, just before the events of mass effect 2. We don't allow canon characters like commander Shepard or his team, though you can make your own custom character from any of the mass effect races. You can be a SA Soldier, Cerberus Operative, or even a Mercenary on Omega. The choice is yours.
Utrone is a planet dedicated to be the centerpiece of the universe - where members of all species come together and mingle. From Mass Effect to Halo to the Furries outside the galaxy. The planet houses plenty of fun activities for its citizens ranging from game nights to roleplay to creative show and tell. No matter if you are a furry, alien, anime nerd, or even a normie Utrone welcomes all! Show your art, come rp or just sit around and chill.
Mass Effect: Guardian - Asgard Station is a roleplaying server set in the Mass Effect universe. It has a very active community going strong for over a year and is host to a variety of people and characters. Join, create a character, and get it in on the fun!
Join Shepard in the fight against the reapers! -Canon and Ocs allowed! -Literate to semi-literate -Set during mass effect 3
Roleplay server centered around Mass Effect 2. Join Shepard and crew on a mission to defeat the collector threat! OC and canon characters allowed. OCs may have to be verified before you start!
Need a place to share your love of the Mass Effect world? Welcome! We have great discussion areas, including channels for the comics and novels. Come connect with other fans to share memes and your Shep.
Mass Effect Intrepid is a forum based RP server taking place in 2190, a few years after the end of the Mass Effect trilogy. Newcomers will need to create their own custom characters in order to join in with the RP. After you create a character they will be able to participate in events that furthers the story of the universe, however, your character isn't guaranteed to live during them. These events will feature combat along with difficult choices that may directly affect how the story plays out, but the ultimate main goal is to have fun. The server is a friendly environment filled with people that have a shared interest in the Mass Effect universe, so have fun and enjoy yourself! 4 years after the reaper devastated the galaxy civilization is suffering. With the piracy and slavery being on the rise and the threat of the second krogan rebellion as well as open conflict with the batarian hegemony looming the alliance proposed an idea to the council. A joint species project with the most advanced technology and weaponry whose goal is to protect council worlds from attack, police the borders of council members and rebuild relations with worlds that declared themselves independent from there parent nations following the war. This fleet will be able to operate autonomously with direct oversight of the council powers and carry out missions asked of them. The story of this server is that it takes place on the ship UGF Intrepid, a multi-species funded advanced command dreadnaught with a mission to police and protect UGF/council worlds from any threats, internal and external. The character you create will assist in this mission, but how they do it will be dependant on the role you pick which can be anything to a career soldier, a mercenary only in it for the money or a scientist helping to create new weapons for the ship. If you like mass effect and always wondered what would the galaxy be like after the reaper war then join in on the fun!!
A Server for Dragon Age & Mass Effect fans to talk about the games, give advice, ask for help, or just chat.