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❣ Hello! Brats Hideout is a place for those who are like minded in the community! Or just curious. This is a safe place for all, but keep in mind it is a 16+ server, no less than that. ❣ ❣ What we offer: - Easy self assignable roles - Gaming channels - Movie binge watching channels - Main lobby - Media/ Selfies/ Videos - Match making channels for minors and adults. ❣ Verification needed for: -NSFW channels -NSFW vc's
Welcome to Daddy's Red Room! This is an anime based and LGBTQ friendly server. To gain access to the other channels on this server please read and accept the rules. There is a lot of NSFW content which will require verification. Please respect others on the server.
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A place to hang out for all kinds of people. Whether you're into gaming, role-playing or just an artist wanting to share your works, all are welcome. We even have a section for members of the LGBT community
Brand new server created to provide a safe space for people to come and talk about whatever.
A new server with not so many people. Join our server if you want to grow the community up and if you want to talk with new people, share pics and look for someone to play with. Our server currently needs staff also.
Apollo is a server a created for everyone to share and join each other's communities. You can advertise servers, media accounts, websites, services and more!
Hello there! Welcome to Cloutline. A server about hanging out with your friends and making resource packs! Here you can show off your resourcepacks while making friends! We have a lot of things other than resourcepacks! We have games, media, and a lot of fun things to do, please enjoy your stay!
This server is about discussing technology such as latest talk of graphics card to streaming to games to buying/selling products. If you wanted to sell a monitor you can sell it here, just follow the rules. If you want to buy stuff what people selling, you can join.
Agath is a new and small, yet promising server. We have a game corner where we can play games together with Game Masters. So far we only have one game there with an eligible GM, but we're more than open to suggestions for new games. (DND is something we're looking forward to including, so GMs and players are much welcomed!) We also have an archives to post your art, funny screenshots, or poems or stories you've written. We also have Discord Duels in order to settle disputes like MEN. Lastly, we plan to include an NSFW channel later on, but it'll only be accessible if you give yourself the role to see it, so you won't have to see it if you don't want to. Any newcomers are welcome and we hope that you enjoy your first impression enough to be an active member.
Come aboard the "Discorded Dagger"! Here, we have channels for all gamers that would like to play together or hang out and chill. We also have a seperate channel for people that have youtube channels or twitch channels and another one for artists. We have channels for multiple platforms and games.
Content & Community is the server that may help you become more popular! Are you a novice bloger? A beginner musician? Wanna get popular? Right, it works really simple: join, share, get fans. No rules, no restrictions, no bounds. Hop in and have fun!