Meme Discord Servers

This is a BEE server to make friends and BEE happy.
Distraction is a way for you to socialize with people you have never met before. We are a server with various topics from gaming, anime to memes. We are a fairly new community as we are a new server, but we are very active and friendly. If you are curious to what we offer come join. ;)
in our server, we share memes and also talk. i don't really have a description though, just join
Welcome to the Pantheon my dudes and dudettes. We are a very close and diverse group of friends. This server is very raw and unfiltered, brain cells may be lost in the process. |-----What we have to offer------| [1.] Our love and attention [2.] ACTUAL ACTIVITY [3.] Movie Nights [4.] Non complicated and non elitist RPs that don't require you to submit a written book report [5.] Little to no rules other then not be a total cheese head [6.] Member decided server, server becomes what the community wants it to be [7.] Active Voice Channels [8.] Self assignable roles [9.] Freedom, something most other discords hate to include
We would like you to help establish the New World Order! No normies allowed.
new r0b10x server (not really just for memes) with cool roles like toaster fork leveling up economy system youtubers
Just for starters, we are not a heavy communist server. We accept anyone, as long as you can put up with some edgy content here and there. We have plenty of bots including meme bot, casino bot, box bot, etc. The server is always looking for members (preferably active) as well as suggestions to improve the server. Besides bots we also have plenty of channels for you to post things in as well as chat with others. Almost forgot, we have plenty of emotes for you to you use as well. I hope you join our server!
We're the dankest touhou server, and the second biggest touhou shitpost server, come join us, or else.
This is a shitpost community with over 900 members and growing! We are currently looking for partnerships and we are also doing a giveaway at 1000 members! We have a general chat for Russians and we have NSFW.