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This is a chill server (maybe some toxic peeps) where you can talk about My Hero Academia or any other anime of your liking, I would really appreciate you joining and getting to know people. 馃榿 (NOT AN RP SERVER!!)
In a world where hero society shuts the door on wannabe heroes once they choose their highschool, one school decides to open the doors for a second chance. Not UA. Not Shiketsu. Not the schools you would suspect. Roseland Academy, sitting in the depths of Yokohama, certainly befits the foreign mix nature of the city. Students looking for a second chance flock to seize it, and fresh eyed newbies join for the school's sizable reputation. And with the tunnel to success dimly lit, and the end result blinding, well- Even the most gorgeous roses can sprout out of the mud. Writers can test out their writing skills! You can use the server to test out the nuances of your own characters! Kind, supportive community! A guaranteed, interesting story! Great characters to interact with!
鈥漈he Other Hero Academia鈥, is a parallel universe of My Hero Academia where Deku and the the other UA Students never existed. Instead, they were replaced by others (Us Roleplayers). This is a small server made for the only purpose to have fun! If you are interested please consider joining us
A server to create MHA fanon OCs and develop them through interactions with other OC characters, as a Yuuei student! Have fun, make new friends and express your creativity!
Welcome! Lore: This takes place 10 years after Deku joined 1A. The Big 3 are now an official hero team after Eri returned Mirio to his normal state. Overhaul has been defeated by Eri and Eri is now at her first year of the hero course. Deku has became no.1 hero in a tied place with Bakugo. The no.2 hero is Mirio Togata with the rest of the students you love somewhere from 3-50. There has been very little threat other than a quirk which can delete people by looking at them although Eri has dealt with this. A new semester has began and the new first years have just passed there exams. Some in the hero course and some in support. All for one has been missing for over 7 years and no one knows his location. Suddenly after no contact from the villains in years a new league of villains forms with there leader and members being unknown. Principal Nezu is still in charge of UA although it has been said that this is his final 5 years of teaching before he retires. Inko has developed her quirk more to try of be more use to Deku. She now has a telekinesis type of ability as she only used to be able to lift small objects. Inko lives with deku but she is old enough to go to a retirement home. All might is on his last couple of years. Gran Torino has sadly passed away and will be remembered as All Mights tutor and friend. Hawks is surprisingly still in the hero business although this was mostly just to take internships. Tokoyami has became the no.3 similar to what hawks was. The teachers you know are all alive although retired and replaced with other teachers.
This is based in an alternate timeline where canon characters do not exist! It follows a similar story to the original MHA series however we do like to add our own twist etc etc! I the owner allow any quirk as long as they are not too overpowered and they cannot be really similar to canon quirks. Yes there are canon quirks. Are available but they are not the only one there's more! This server is new and I am hoping to grow it, I want this to be a success. Please if you won't make a character and roleplay don't join please and thank you.
My Hero Academia: New York features the adventures of the original characters (OCs) in the city of Ithcona, New York. This server takes place in the United States of America, congruent to the timeline of My Hero Academia. This server offers a variety of resources like a constantly updating guide to writing acceptable characters! To view our guide and use some of the content for character creation on other servers in the My Hero Academia community, take a look at this link: Remember to have fun!
My Hero Academia roleplay server, heavily supernatural-based roleplay. Many events (that everyone is allowed to join in on), and lots of chances to be involved. > Various roles to fit your character > Lots of freedom in making and choosing quirks & characters > Multiple events that everyone can be involved in > Lots of chances to roleplay freely > Supportive and friendly community Join if you want, we're always ready to have new members!
An RP set 20 years ahead of the current timeline of the My Hero Academia Manga.
We're a canon-focused roleplay group looking for active and literate roleplayers! We have an application process to ensure quality roleplay! The server is still relatively new, so most characters are available. Please check us out!
---Currently positions open for Inasa, Tsuyu, Camie, Shindo, Tokoyami, Nejire, Mirio, and most of Class 1B!--- NSFW Roleplay server! Canon students only, no OC's. Everyone is really friendly so come have a look if you're 18+
A story-line based Roleplay server looking for mature, able Roleplayers. We're a server still in its infancy, so chances are what you're looking for is still available. We are actively looking for: 鉁 Competent/Active Roleplayers 鉁 鉁 People devoted to the series 鉁 鉁 Friendly, kind people willing to grow with us 鉁 We stress literacy in our server, as long as you keep to that and our few rules, you'll get along great with us! Choose from a canon student in U.A.'s roster or feel free to create your own!