Minecraft Discord Servers

BumbleCraft is a fun minecraft survival which server makes minecraft fun again. We feature a amazing small supportive community full of players and staff where many friendships are made. @bumblecraftsurvival - Mature Staff - Friendly Community - Fun Experience
This server is a brand new project here for all who felt the need to learn or gain help. For whatever reason we will try our best to help you become a: Hacktivist Activist Journalist Artist Programmer We want you to follow your dreams. So please talk in our freedom of knowledge channels for the chance to talk to us about: General technology Practical application Functional programing Structure and interpretation If not, you are welcome to leave please dont complain or be rude in anyway. This is a public community not a paid service you are welcome to leave.
Prints of the LGBT is a MInecraft server for the LGBT community. All members of the LGBT community are welcome.
Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity on the best Hytale Discord ! Hytale is a new game from Hypixel Studios. Hytale game updates, news & more
Hey all community discord to chill in.. This will be a discord for my upcoming twitch streams
AlphaSquad Together we strive to help provide accounts at an affordable price to our customers We are not in this to rip people off we are in this to help people enjoy products that they otherwise would not be able to afford with discounts up to 50% or even greated. We offer many services including: +Affordable prices +Tons of vouches +Weekly Giveaways +Responsive Products ~~~ >Pornhub Premium >Crunchyroll Subscription >Nord VPN >Hulu Premium >Spotify Premium >Minecraft Accounts >WWE Accounts >Dominos Pizza (usa) We invite you to please join our server and come and chat to us, and the many happy clients that have previously purchased AlphaSquad "Cheapest and best Products Available" https://selly.gg/@AlphaADC https://discord.gg/GfTjW6p
14+ Join up / All Jokes don't take it in heart
Welcome to the Fork & Knife Gaming Café! A fun Fortnite centered server, but we accept other games! Get to enjoy a full rainbow of custom colored roles, and suggest anything to the server! Come on down to our café!
Lenova MC Is a Simple Survival MC Server.
Attoric Games is a gaming community. We run our own game servers for a variety of games, we are constantly looking for more players and staff and are looking to expand into guilds for any games. If you are a guild leader, feel free to message me with what resources we can provide to assist you! We have our own self-ran data-center located in the mid-west.
International server to meet new friends, dating, play games and hang out .family and friends, we feature a lot of different rooms and services. we speak different languages, we have a very strong community. -We have 3 simple golden rules : ------------------------------------------- 1 respect love and peace 2 avoid disturbing 3 have a fun and don't be shy ------------------------------------------- *There will be absolutely no rudeness, discrimination.; bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, religious or political hate here *this server is for 18+ *for original people only