Mutants Discord Servers

A Roleplay About Humans vs Zombies and Mutants
A roleplay where you have the freedom to design your own character and give them extraordinary powers. Meet other OCs and form teams to defeat evil and save the world. Everyone welcome! (Please refrain from animal-hybrid OCs! We'd like more superpower oriented ones!)
This is The Resistance. A case where a teenage boy grew frog like features and started to hop around his room and croak, another case where a young girl spurted pure fire out of her hands. Mutations are developing in humans, and normal humans don't like it. Mutants all over the globe are being discriminated for something they can't stop and there's nothing they can do until one day... Five ATLAS Facilities are built in five secret locations, they're safe houses for the mutants. Places where they're fed and looked after, places where they can take up a job and train to prove that they are the same as humans, if not better than them. And that's where this particular RP starts from, the ATLAS Facility in a forest somewhere near London. There are events and future RP plans to keeps it interesting, there's also interesting weather changes. Everyone is welcome, even those who just want to watch
welcome to Aftermath, a role-play server about surviving the harsh environment of a post nuclear bombing. the server is reasonably lore based and fairly realistic. we hope you enjoy your stay, and good luck out in the radiated lands!