Nekos Discord Servers

Welcome to every nekos dream hangout Neko nightclub Here at neko nightclub we want to provide the best friendly environment to all our fellow nekos and owners. We have all a neko could want and are ready to expand with more for our members. As we grow out team of dedicated helpers / staff will grow. We have our own custom bot (coded by the owner) and it available for the public to use. We got rules to keep everyone safe and protected from all the meanies. We welcome you with open arms and hope to see you in neko nightclub ❤️
come and join Neko Paradise where you can have fun and talk to others
A new server that always changes. We edit and add <3 come and invite ur friends
Neko Central is a new server with a very friendly community, We treat everyone as family and the same respect that we would want ourselves to be treated with. Come join meet new people and enjoy the server! *We actively recruit staff and partner managers, PM the Owner for details*
This server is currently looking for nekos and customers. It's fun and filled with NSFW plus Sfw.
We are a tiny server offering nekos and staff right now we would love yo see you join ^^
Long ago, Nekos, Demons, Elves, And Humans lived together, until humans and elves got greedy. the elves and humans teamed up and killed most of the nekos, keeping only a few thousand alive, making them rare, whilst sending the demons away to the underworld. this process for nekos and demons lasted a decade, but it worked. then the humans, oh deceitful humans... they set up a trap for all the royals in the elven kingdom. then humans grabbed all the power. this went on for some times, until the elves revolted. then, they won power, andthe sides kept switching through the years... With a couple centuries time, humans and elves worked out peace, now together in the world. now it is this time, but with differences. Nekos are slaves and "pets", pets if they are lucky. elves have their royal family, a queen, a king, 3 princes, 5 princesses, which works out, as they are all well behaved... mostly. the humans have gone a different route, going with multiple leaders for everything. war, technology, etc.