New Discord Servers

ANIME WORLD A new server that welcomes all anime/manga fans! w have a few working bots that can play music, do self-assignable roles and just make the server fun! we also have two teams, owo and uwu that are made to play games against each other in a non-hostile way!
I just started this server, so don't mind my autism. For anyone who wants to have some fun!
Welcome in kind to the Newest Fairytail Server! (No canon only oc) The year is X925, Fairytail, Sabertooth, Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus have been disbanded for almost 100 years as peace has been a blessing in the country of Fiore since the fall of Zeraf and Acnologia a few years later. But since we are coming up on the 100 anniversary of their passing trouble is stirring once again. It seems new Characters will have to rebuild these fallen Guilds to there once famed glory once again and save the world from the Darkness of the reborn and even stronger then before Tartaros. What the sever haves to offer. >>> A server that will slowly grow and have fun. >>>We have a color bot to add fun new colors to roles. >>>Being a Small Server your treated fairly and not just another member. >>>Great staff, friendly non toxic atmosphere. >>> Lots if roles with places to roleplay and opportunity to grow >>>Opportunity to help staff the server. >>>Plenty of upcoming events and a current free roam
New server, originally was just randomly made but then turned it into a public server. You can join and hang out with others and maybe find your significant other If you do join and have suggestions for us you can let us know on what we can fix and stuff
A new server with it's main focus being fighting games our goal is to get big enough to host our own tournaments, fun is the goal here so enjoy your stay
♡We have cute non toxic behavior ♡If you get offended easily recommend you not join ♡I'm not a toxic owner nor am I a bad one ♡There will be over 20+ emojis soon ♡partnering with servers of ANY size ♡Honest and accepting community
An awesome community channel where you can make many friends and chat to other people. Ask for help in any topic and play games with others.
A small MBTI (personality) server to chill in including: - enneagram channel - love language channel - auto select roles - colour choices ---Simple Layout--- Talk about cognitive functions Spam your MBTI memes here Voice chat with us~ Learn about Myers Briggs Type Indicator There can never be too many options for MBTI servers, always a chance to bump into new ppl~
Autonomy Gaming Community is a brand new community which aims to branch out to all our fellow friends in E-sports and allow them to LFG, talk to their fellow gamers, and just enjoy themselves. We strive to allow friend creation and we are a very non-toxic community.
This server is a Percy Jackson Camp Half-Blood role play. It takes place after the deal with Zeus and Percy is made. Quick claiming and approval. Easy character making process. Nice people!
Welcome to Milk! We are a fairly new, friendly, community that revolves around just about anything! We'd like to ensure everyone is happy and enjoys their stay! we are brand new and need some active members!
New server. Wanna make it big ,pls join! Intend to make it a cool place to wear off your stress, get cozy , get more friends and chat and know a lot more people! Everyone from any part of the globe is welcome!