Nintendo Discord Servers

RWT is a multi gaming community open to all that also dabbles into eSports. We've got multiple HotS teams and we're getting into smash as a whole. Always looking for new players to join our game nights and tournaments. Everyone's welcome!
A gaming server mainly a Nintendo switch server. We have friendly staff and a nice community and also weekly events.
Meme and gaming server, particularly nintendo-related.
This Server Is for everyone To Join! Every Gamer Is Accepted! Don't have to Be strictly Nintendo Gamer! This is Just a Discord for All You Gamers to join and meey new people. This Is the Server owner signing off. Hope to see everyone there ~KarpADile
small splatoon-based nintendo server with a community based around playing games for fun instead of competitively <3
Friendly Splatoon/Friend server for an older crowd. We host PBs every so often and have offtopic rooms for those who just want to make new friends. Weapon Faction, Splatfest, LFG, and NSFW room roles included. Capping the member count at 150 and pruning inactives to keep the comfy feeling. Ages 17+ only
This is the Mario Roleplay Server! Here you may roleplay as the various characters in the Mario Franchise! Choose from the dozens of existing ones or even create your own OC! We have tons of channels to roleplay in, as well as a variety of channels for non roleplay. Joining us is appreciated!
This is The Universe~ We offer many game-specific channels, and fond over cute cat pictures daily! We also have a friendly community to play games with, and a nsfw channel if you'd like to dapple in the dark side of the server.
I come to you in the name of the AAB clan! Not too long ago we created a discord server just for our clan, but it’s becoming more than that! The AAB server is just a place for Splatoon players to come together! We have a variety of things to do! Find other players to play salmon run, turf or league with! Find splatfest players to team with. Chat about general Splatoon, leaks, lore and the meta. Rant about whatever makes you angry! Share memes, music and you’re favorite Splatoon moments! Share your art! Even advertise your commissions, or social media’s! We’ve got a Spyke bot which can keep track of all your in game data and make comparing with your friends super easy! We even host tournaments for cash prizes! So join and say hi c: We're friendly!
A multi-platform community that strives to have fun online and to avoid drama!
This is the server for the BrainSlushee Twitch page. Share memes, watch movies, play games, and promote your streams here!