Non Toxic Discord Servers

🌹🐇 Welcome to Wonderland!! 🐇🌹 In this server we have: 💖 Non-toxic community and semi-strict moderation! 💖 Several channels, including 18+ NSFW! 💖 Karaoke channel! 💖 Our own economy! 💖 Optional pings, we will rarely use @everyone! Everybody is welcome here (as long as you're 13+)!! Come on down the rabbit hole!
Autonomy Gaming Community is a brand new community which aims to branch out to all our fellow friends in E-sports and allow them to LFG, talk to their fellow gamers, and just enjoy themselves. We strive to allow friend creation and we are a very non-toxic community.
Hello! ^^ This is a small, but friendly server. We’re lgbtqa+ friendly and everyone here is welcome! Feel free to rant and talk about whatever you want. Come on and join for a fun time and some new friends!
The server where everything is pink! Emojis, roles, etc. Fun bot and a fun community
Hello. This is COG, or Community of Gamers. >Friendly Community, Non Toxic >PG-13, so there is cussing, just not repetitvely. >Music Channel >Bots Welcome, and enjoy your time here! DM Me for any further questions.
I recently made this discord in hopes of finding new people to game with!
this is a good server that has a few people but plz come and enjoy it, it's a server where you can talk and partner with us if you so desire, lol not going to make a wall of text
Yet another "safe place to chill" server. Take a look anyway -- we were created on 4-20 and have Jesus Christ and The Buddha as members ;-) We also have a lot of one-of-a-kind content but don't take our word for it, come check it out yourself! Note: To join you will have to register your approximate birth date and gender identity with our custom bot. Ask a member of our staff team if you have any issue.
Our ocean needs boats. Join our server today Non Toxic Great Community and Staff Fortnite More ⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝⏝
~The Bakery~ The bakery is a nice small community where you can hangout without having to worry about toxicity or anything like that. It's a nice little area of peace. Hang around and gain some nice roles! Play games with other members! And enjoy the scenery!
Fluff park is a new server (9/18/18) for furries to come hang out and make friends. We have something for everyone. Music, games, art, bots, etc. However, because this server is for all ages there are no NSFW channels and NSFW is not allowed. Although in the future I MIGHT add a paid role for NSFW access but I'm still deciding. If we can get enough money from donations I can start doing giveaways on the server! Giveaways like art, games, steam cards, and more. There are 8 short questions new members must answer before they are able to access the channels in the server. This is only to keep the trolls out. Security is important here.
The Flowers ✩————————✩ A fun, chill LGBTQ+ friendly server! ✩————————✩ What do we have to offer? 🌻 A wide range of custom color roles 🌻 A special corner for all of your interests so you can discuss and enjoy with other members 🌻 Karaoke and game nights 🌻 Neat and organized so everything is easy to find 🌻 Voice chats for you and your friends to play games or hangout 🌻 Bots for you to assign your own role, level up, and play music