Oc Discord Servers

Welcome to RWBY RP: Divided! We are a small roleplay server in the setting of the RWBY series created by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. Although our setting doesn't follow the canon series 100% as none of our favourite characters will be in the world and all the characters will be OCs. We offer: -Friendly community -Helpful staff -The chance to be a Maiden/Silver-Eyed Warrior -Events
We are an AU Post-War Naruto RP Server, telling the story of the survivors of the lost Shinobi War. Create a shinobi of your own, and help us rebuild the world left behind. Waking up from the Infinite Tsukiyomi after ten years, come explore life in the Village Risen from the Ashes, as we search for the answer to the questions still unanswered. Why are we awake? What happened to the others? And, most importantly, what will happen next?
Welcome to NeoCity! A place where you can be anyone and meet anyone. Make yourself an oc and explore the community! Meet other people and such! The city has alot to offer, from just chat channels to rp channels. We also have an leveling up system added to see if anyone deserves a new role. We hope to see you in our city!
Picture a tavern. Imagine it combined with an inn. Then populated with characters from any fandom and characters that are your own creations. That’s basically the Nambor Tavern! •Casual but also possibly serious roleplay •Simple, easy to follow •Fast character reviewing for approval •The ability to be an employee or an inn resident •Awesome members
Welcome to RWBY: Another Adventure Begins! This is a brand new server made mainly for semi-lit/lit RPers that takes place right after the Breach, when Vale is beginning to recover from the attack of the Grimm. It's now leading up to the Vytal Festival as students and huntsmen alike gather to witness or participate in the biennial event that is the Vytal Festival Tournament, as new bonds will be formed, new rivalries will be sparked, and as new players step up to the plate. Feel free to join, we can't wait to see you!
If any of you roleplay Danganronpa OCs, this is a server where people can do that freely and show off their characters to others. Even if you're new to roleplay or you'd prefer to just watch, feel free to join if you're interested! Everyone is welcome! A note/warning: Some characters do have backstories with mentions of r/pe and similar disturbing topics, if this might bother you, please be mindful when joining.
If you're a roleplayer with any kind of OC that you love to roleplay, join this server! The aim is to make this server a crossover rp server with characters from all kinds of franchises and settings to make it one of the most chaotic concepts available. However please be mindful of the fact that some characters may have mentions of serious or disturbing topics such as r/pe, be mindful of this when joining.
In this RP users get to make their own character and join clans, make Jutsus, and even create original forms exclusive to them and/or their clan. Alongside with canon Jutsus, forms, and clans. You can even make and use kekkei genkai!!!
Fracture Heart is set multiple generations from the stories of RWBY. The world has changed greatly since the death of Remnants greatest heroes, they left behind their own children to carry on their stories and from there generations passed. With the wizard missing within the far corners of Remnant and Salem lurking in the dark quarters of Anima, life has been quiet until a few years ago. In the last generations the White Fang has disbanded as equality for both races has finally beeing resolved in Remnant, a new group of Faunus had joined to together to change Remnant once again. They took on the Sabertooth, after the great tales of a creature that tread the world before humanity. They've begun to cause riots and destory property of known business that could prove their actions. After Weiss Schnee took back her rightful place as heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, her younger brother broke off the main branch of the Schnee family. He began to make his own company know as Schnee Industries, they focus on dust based weapons and vehicles. As the generations passed, SDC became better know for their alliance with the White Fang and aiding faunus in need. However, Schnee Indrusties went in the oppisite direction; using underground ways to smuggle faunus to work in their factories with little money and abuse.
Welcome to Featherfloat City, home of countless Miraculous holders, villains and heroes alike. There are many crimes to be stopped, even a few mysteries to be solved, but it's all your decision if you get your hands on a Miraculous -- will you do good or evil? Even for regular civilians, there's a choice to be made -- perhaps you become a powerless vigilante who relies on human skill, or a regular old criminal; of course, you could always just stay out of the way, too. Now, what will you do?
Embark on a journey through the realm of darkness, searching for a way out. Meet other lost souls, make allies, or enemies. Try to avoid being overcome, and find your way to dawn.
Oc Haven is a very active server where you can talk about your creations with many supportive people. Everything has their designated channel and everyone is very welcoming to newcomers! It's easy to find your place among many people, you're bound to make a new friend or two!