Organized Rp Discord Servers

Welcome to the Detroit experience! This is a roleplay server dedicated to the game Detroit: Become Human. The RP itself takes place about a month before the revolution in game, giving you the opportunity to change the world of the rp. There are both OC and canon character slots, and OC signups are quick and easy.
You’re a student nominated to be part of a prestigious group known as the Scholar’s Haven, an international group, usually extracurricular, that focuses on the enhancement of prodigy academics. It’s been running for decades and is well-known for contributing to secure careers for the most promising students the world has to offer. To make it in this group, you have to be the absolute best at what you do. Few are placed worldwide and are made available for Scholars, who are high school students who have a special talent that they’re known for. Recently, the program decided to take it a step further during school vacation by opening up summer camps for 15 randomly chosen Scholars to get an all expenses paid, hands-on experience in their personal elements by spending a month in a wonderful camp on a beautiful, tropical island. However, as you and the other students finally exit their planes there, you end up in the middle of the forest with no idea how they got there, along with your other classmates. The setting is present day, on an island with no way to know exactly where in the world it is. There are plenty of cabins and wooden paths to different areas to explore that will be unlocked through the course of the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a Danganronpa roleplay chat! Notes: - There's an application process, and not everyone will make it into the RP. Everyone is welcome to join, and talk about the games and stuff! - Original characters only. Preferably no self-inserts. - There are sandbox RP channels to do some looser roleplay for everyone! Join now!