Osu Discord Servers

Tired of those lonely nights playing video games and watching anime? Do you ever feel like you don't "fit in" anywhere? What if I told you there was a place you could feel welcome? Well look no further! We are a fun, chill community that plays games such as league of legends and Osu! We host events such as anime night and game night, role play, along with individual factions within the server for clan wars. If you're interested in a positive community with tons of amazing people; then ProjectOnline is the PERFECT place for you.
We're mostly made out of otakus who both enjoy playing games and watching anime together~~ List of what we have! • Friendly Staff Members • Active! (Sorta ... so pls help us regain this status :3 ) • Events (Anime Nights / Gaming Nights, Karaoke and more~) • A single NSFW channel • JSDF Ranks / Roles! • Channels for you to share all kinds of things! • Music~~ • Friendly members! (I think?)
Looking for a friendly server with anime, music, gaming, and tons more? Well this is the discord for you. Our discord is newly created and has an active staff team to make sure the chat stays active and friendly. We have polls, levels, ranks, giveaways, events, and much, much more!
A friendly community centred around the popular rhythm game osu! Feel free to stop by, and have a talk! (we're lonely >-<)
All types of gamers are welcome. We bots to keep you entertained and specific events for gamers to have fun. The server includes -Open suggestions to help evolve the server -Chat roles and other obtainable roles -Other general topics -Links that you can go to other servers for e.g. Bot Server -Osu roles (it's a very important gaming role) We call this the Ultimate Server.
Lonely lounge is a gaming server where you talk about anything from anime to memes Come Join Us!
Welcome to Koishi's Fishbowl!! We're the go-to place for people looking for a new challenge, rhythm gamers, and Touhou players alike!
💖You're invited to join Your Senpai's Graveyard!💖 This is the second official server of Animelewds from Instagram. This is a laid back server based on Anime and Gaming! We welcome everyone and look to just have fun!
A server for all games (both video and tabletop) and a chill place to make new friends! To gain access to the server read through the rules then accept that you have read them to be able to see other channels
Hello! Mura's Cafe is a small, chill, community server dedicated to the upcoming Twitch streamer called Murasaki. We're currently looking for more members to join us! We welcome gamers, anime watchers, memers, and people who want to make new friends. We hope to meet you soon!